Master of Weapon

-Taito (1989)



The Story

A seven day nuclear storm of war brings great changes to the Earth. The seas and oceans boil, the continents crack, and all living things mutate and change, including humans. Facing severe environmental changes, the remaining humans return to nature and band together. Those once known as scientists create a computer called N. This computer can help lead the people and let them reclaim the Earth they once thought they knew. N and the scientists create a human with enhanced reflexes and give him the lone fighter they are able to salvage. His mission is to destroy the mutated creatures that have overrun the Earth. His name is Yukiwo.   


My Thoughts

Here’s a quick note: The name of the lead designer of this game is Yukiwo, which means he named the main character after himself. What a noble cat this Yukiwo must be. He obviously thinks very highly of himself. Of course, if I ever made a game I would possibly name a character after myself. Cheers to immortalization and huge egos. 

At first glance Master of Weapon looks like a boring old shooter. The colors are drab and your ship looks like a piece of junk. Well, you’re kind of right. Master of Weapon is actually fast-paced and does contain a little shooter goodness. Like the classic shooter Xevious, you fight the muties on two planes: In the air with your guns and on the ground with your bombs. There are some enemies that will scale in and out from ground to the air, and others will fly above you, trying a fancy maneuver to throw you off. The enemies consist mainly of various ships, mutant creatures, moving rocks, missile silos, random eyeballs, and football players. The bosses are huge disembodied heads of statues. When you destroy them you fight a grotesque blob with eyes and tentacles, or a giant skull with eyes and tentacles.

I don't know why that big green ship is featured on the title screen. It's not a boss or anything, just a ship that you fight. Is that the true Master of Weapon? The Master better start mastering his weapons if he thinks he'll defeat me in that. Yukiwo's ship looks pretty lame and the main gun appears to be firing snowflakes. You have available various air-to-ground weapons collected from transport ships you shoot down. There is a lock-on missile, a plasma charge, and two types of gelatin bombs that blow apart into more bombs to destroy other enemies than just the initial target. 

When I beat the game the ending left me confused. It said “His fight still continues” and showed a monster I didn’t fight in the game. Thinking that I should have destroyed something that I didn’t before, I went through the game again, making sure to destroy all the bosses (you can just survive the bosses if you take too long fighting them). I did, but I got the same ending. Maybe Yukiwo the person was thinking his game would be so awesome that there would be a sequel. I didn’t find anything on a sequel though, so it looks like the days of Yukiwo the character fighting the mutant freaks are over.                     

Score: 5.5     









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