McFarlane Toys Announces Halo 4, Micro Ops, and Avatars

After McFarlane Toys' mass success with their unending variants of Halo figures, it comes as no surprise that they have the license to make Halo 4 toys. What might come as a surprise is what else McFarlane Toys is doing besides their standard Halo figures.

McFarlane toys isn't saying what characters will be in the first series of Halo 4 figures just yet, as they have to wait until 343 studios reveals everything. For now, the August 2012 series of Halo 4 figures will have Maser Chief and three other secret figures, along with a box set of frozen Master Chief and a Cryo tube. Frozen Master Chief should at least make for a welcome variant on the old Spartan. November's series of Halo 4 figures include Cortana and three secret figures, along with a secret box set. I really hope Cortana isn't the same Cortana figure released twice before. I also hope that the Chief isn't fighting Covenant aliens again.

There aren't photos of anything yet, so here's a Halo 4 logo.

There will also be a series of Halo Universe figures which will be taking over for the Halo Anniversary line. Halo Universe includes figures of Fredric-104 from Halo: Legends, Romeo from ODST, Elite Commando and Brute Captain Major from Halo 3, a Spartan variant, and an ODST drop Pod. The Halo Universe figures will be out in October with each figure containing a piece of an undisclosed build-a-thing.

Next, McFarlane Toys is making small Halo toys. Called Halo: Micro Ops, these sound like they'll be Halo Micro Machines, and that is awesome. Unlike Micro Machines, however, the Halo vehicles and buildings will all be to scale with one another, around 1:100. That sounds even better. Small carded sets include a Warthog with Mongoose, a Banshee, a Ghost Vs. Wolf Spider Turret, and ODST Drop Pods. Large carded sets include the Falcon, and High Ground Bunker with Shade turret. Small box sets include the High Ground Gate with Warthog, and High Ground Tower with SAM launcher. Finally, the large box sets won't be out until 2013, which may have an Elephant. The Micro Ops will debut in August 2012.

The next on McFarlane Toys' huge Halo plate is something a bit different than we're used to: Halo Avatars. This teams up McFarlane Toys with Xbox Live to make figures based off the Halo Avatars you or your friends might have on Xbox Live. The figures have interchangeable heads, torsos, and legs. The 2.5" figures are blind-boxed, or I should say blind-tubed since they're packaged in little tubes, and will cost around $3 each. Series 1 includes Master Chief, Carter, an ODST, flaming ODST helmet with ODST T-shirt, green Spartan Operator helmet with Reach T-shirt, an Elite, a Warthog, and a gold Master Chief. I'm not all about Xbox Live Avatars, but I'm sure others will love them.

This all sounds like great stuff for Halo fans, but what I'm wondering is when will we see the Falcon and Banshee that were shown off at Toy Fair 2011? Are they still even coming out?

- Shawn - 1/21/12