McFarlane Toys' Halo Reach Warthog, Ghost... and Four-Pack?

McFarlane Toys have finally gotten around to posting their clean, crisp, and clear images of the Warthog and Ghost on Their images include the vehicles themselves and packaged photos. The Warthog is actually specified as Warthog with Light Anti-Aircraft Gun, which means there will probably be other Warthogs with other guns (gauss, rocket) as the line continues. The Ghost is still blue and purple. These should be in stores in September.

The vehicles are great, no doubt about it, but what gets me the most in the article is this sentence: "You've seen the single figures, the two-packs, and the four-pack." Four-pack? When did we see the four-pack? I haven't heard or seen anything about a four-pack until today's post on The four-pack will include Emile, Jorge, an Elite Minor, and an exclusive green/steel Spartan Mark V. And as crazy as it sounds, regular green is also a brand new color for McFarlane Toys' Spartan figures. Exclusive and a new color. He's like the pickle surprise of Halo figures. All the regular figures include the same weapons as the single carded figures. If you can find the four-pack you might as well get that instead of the single carded figures because it'll be cheaper (rumors suggest around $30) and it has an exclusive figure. Although, why is the box so big? The figures don't go that deep into box, so it seems like it will have a lot of air behind them. Strange packaging decisions aside, it looks like the four-pack may already be in stores. These are apparently the advance figures McFarlane Toys hinted about last month, so get out to Target, Wal-Mart, or K-Mart if you want to find one.

- Shawn - 8/4/10

Gauss and rocket upgrades are in the Warthog's future.

Is the box really going to be open with no kind of protection or clear plastic window? I foresee some broken Warthogs on store shelves if it is.

The surprise four pack include the exclusive green Mark V, which is the pickle surprise of Halo figures.

Why is the box so needlessly big, though?


Like the Warthog, I hope there is actually a clear plastic window over the Ghost, too.

Remarkably, regular green is a new color for Spartan figures. Pickle surprise!