McFarlane Toys is Beginning to Make Spawn Again

These days McFarlane Toys is basically content making only Halo figures and sports figures with limited articulation, but very soon they'll return to their flagship franchise of Spawn. The Spawn: The Beginning resin statue is Spawn as he originally appeared back in 1992. It will be available exclusively through the store starting Dec. 6th, so mark your calendars, Spawn fans. Only 900 individually numbered statues will be made, but there are two versions; 1 - 300 are autographed by Todd McFarlane and cost $149.95, while 301 - 900 are not autographed and cost $109.95. As proof of the autographs not being just "stamps on a plate," posted a photo of Todd signing the plates that will be with the statues.

Is Spawn: The Beginning the beginning of McFarlane Toys return to Spawn?

As an added bonus each statue will come with Spawn Issues #1 and 2. Plus, fifty issues of Spawn #2 have been signed by Todd and will be randomly inserted into the boxes. It's great that McFarlane Toys is making a Spawn something again, but over $100 is quite a difference from a $15 figure. I've already got my collectible plate full of stuff in December and January, so I'll probably pass on this. However, supposedly the new Collector's Club program will also be offering figures, so hopefully the Spawn: The Beginning statue is just the beginning of McFarlane Toys' return to Spawn.

Todd works up a sweat signing all those plates.

- Shawn - 11/30/11