McFarlane Toys Makes Halo: Reach Legendary

McFarlane Toys will be dropping Halo: Reach figures later this year, but their involvement won't end at figures and vehicles. It'll also... reach... to the $150 Halo: Reach Legendary Edition. McFarlane Toys will be making a 10-inch, 10-pound, hand-painted, and individually numbered statue of the Spartans in Noble Team. If you're a collector of their Halo figures, then you'll pretty much have to get this, too. Inside the huge UNSC box of the Legendary Edition is also the $80 Limited Edition of Halo: Reach in ONI black box packaging, with exclusive Elite armor that looks like it has a Mohawk for multiplayer, and an "artifact bag" containing Dr. Halsey's personal journal and documents about Halo things. Oh, the Legendary Edition will also include an exclusive flaming Spartan helmet for multiplayer, which is either very cool or very stupid depending on your feelings about Ghost Rider.

It's difficult to tell from the picture, but I'm wondering if the Spartans on the statue are in-scale with the regular McFarlane Halo figures. It would be awesome if they were so you could do an "extended family" diorama, but I kind of doubt that will be the case. They'll more likely be an inch or two taller, just out of... reach... of the regular figures. Okay, that's enough lame Reach jokes for one post. (via Joystiq)

I almost like that crate-looking UNSC box more than the rest of the stuff.

So, how long until McFarlane Toys makes a Flaming Helmet Spartan as an exclusive somewhere?

- Shawn - 4/22/10