McFarlane Toys' Warthog Goes Muddin'

McFarlane Toys is doing a terrible job promoting their Halo: Reach Series 2 figures. First, the Advance wave hits Target stores, not Toy 'R' Us stores like originally stated, and no announcement is made. Then there is no regular post about the official Series 2 photos. Then the GameStop Power Up Rewards Elite Officer appears out of nowhere. And now there is a new Warthog on shelves without any kind of announcement.

While at Toys 'R' Us yesterday I saw a mud splattered version of the Warthog. I wasn't really surprised that I saw one because I figured eventually there would be some kind of variant, I was more surprised that I didn't already know about it. This Warthog has a layer of mud along the lower half and the wheels are caked with mud. The box is the same except for It has the Toys 'R' Us exclusive sticker and the "Exclusive Mud Splattered Edition" sticker. It looks decent, but personally I don't think the mud-splattering is enough for me to buy another Warthog. If it already came with a different weapon in the back, like the upcoming Gauss or Rocket, then maybe. However, a Warthog in VISR mode would be very cool.

With that open-box packaging it was only a matter of time before some kid ruined a Warthog with his dirty hands... oh wait, it's supposed to be like that.

Let's hope there is some kind of an announcement for the next unannounced Halo thing before we see it on shelves. (Photo via user Bulldozer36 on the Spawn message board)

- Shawn - 2/19/11