Mechs Overdose on Bullets in Seisou Kouki Strania

G.Rev has a new shooter coming to Xbox Live Arcade called Seisou Kouki Strania where mechs can't help but overdose. You take control of a mech that can carry three weapons simultaneously and can use two of them at the same time, one in each of the mech's hands. Strania has an O/D (Overdose) system that builds up as you destroy enemies. When the O/D gauge is full the mech becomes temporarily invincible to score multipliers. Like most shooters on the Xbox 360, Strania will have leaderboards and online co-op when it comes out in 2011. Check out the trailer and you'll see some very colorful visuals, cool music, explosions, and some slick dramatic camera angles. (via Andriasang)


- Shawn - 10/28/10