Mega Drive Megatron is the Next Level

Megatron welcomes you to the next level of 16-bit game consoles... himself. After months of being just a "coming soon" image on their website, Takara Tomy A.R.T.S. has added high res images of their awesome Mega Drive Megatron figure. The figure includes a controller that become kind of wing nub things, an unknown cartridge, and has a USB drive cannon that will likely have... something on it, maybe something Sega Genesis/Mega Drive or Transformers related.

16-Bits of tyranny,

Mega Drive Megatron will be out in September. Pre-orders have opened up at many online retailers, but the price is way more than anyone was expecting. The suggested retail is 10,000 Yen, which is around $100. That's quite a bit for a figure that's only a little over 7" tall. Despite the price, he is already starting to sell out, so if you want one you may want to get your pre-order in. Apparently the next big update will be in July, which will probably be the fully painted figure.

Almost there...

Just what does that USB do?

- Shawn - 5/30/14