Mega Man 25th Anniversary Statue Obtains Upgrades

The Mega Man 25th Anniversary statue has been upgraded since it first busted onto the scene. Capcom-Unity has posted updated photos of the Mega Man 25th Anniversary statue with a new metallic finish, intensified LEDs, an on/off switch, and a slightly revised face. The display base is also updated and now says "Mega Man" instead of "Capcom." What's really cool is that the statue will be packed inside a big E-Tank package.

If that E-Tank package becomes an actual giant cylinder, I'm down.

The new metallic finish looks nice, but it isn't swaying me enough to order one just yet. The biggest issue fans are having is with the eyes. If you check out the comments of the Capcom-Unity post, you see some photos of the statue edited by fans with more familiar Mega Man eyes. Honestly, the eyes do look better in the fan edited photos. What will sway me into wanting one, however, is if the E-Tank packaging is an actual big-ass E-Tank cylinder. I want a giant E-Tank to drink Game Fuel from. Game Fuel is the equivalent of E-Tank juice, right?

This statue is still a work-in-progress, so there will probably be another upcoming post with the "final-final" look. Hopefully the final version will be shown before pre-orders end on the 21st, so fans can finally decide to order one. Otherwise the rest head to SDCC '13.

Mega Man is shinier, but still has a dead look in his eyes.

- Shawn - 4/15/13