Mega Man Cartoon DVD Gets Retro NES Box Art

If you missed out on the original DVD releases of the 1994-95 Mega Man cartoon, you'll soon have a second chance to get the full series. Discotek is re-releasing the Ruby-Spears produced series with new retro box art reminiscent of an old NES Mega Man game. There is even "wear" in the art to give it a used vintage look. Actually, the art is too good for an NES Mega Man box considering how bad most of the U.S. art was for Mega Man games. What would make this even sweeter is if the set has a slipcase or slipcover to give it that NES cardboard box look when it's on your shelf.

This box art would have been too good for an old Mega Man game.

All 27 episodes of the series spanning both seasons will be on 4 DVDs. There are no details yet as to whether the series has been remastered or if there are new extras, but there is plenty of time until the set is out for us to find out. Discotek's Mega Man: The Complete Series will be out on September 30th, 2014.

Here's the "fighting robot's" theme song as a reminder.

- Shawn - 4/14/14