Mega Man Comic Trailer

I find it a little weird when comics have trailers. Iíve watched comic trailers before, but they just always feel strange because I'm watching a trailer for something with pages that only make a sound when I turn them. The upcoming Mega Man comic by Ian Flynn and Patrick ďSpazĒ Spaziante from Archie Comics can be added to that stack of weirdness, although the trailer is pretty awesome. As far as I know, there hasnít been a motion comic announced for Mega Man yet, but if one comes along this is probably a good indication of what it would be like, or at least what it should be like. The voices for the characters are very good for motion comic standards as is the animation. Mega Man #1 comes out on May 11th and maybe if it sells well enough we'll see a motion comic on par with the trailer here. Iíve been waiting for a new Mega Man comic for years, so I'm definitely excited for this. (via Comic Book Resources)


- Shawn - 5/2/11