Mega Man Community Event

I went to Capcom-Unity's Mega Man Community Event and all I won were... the super rad Mega Man Kubrick sets??? Awesome!!!

So what happened at the event? Playable Mega Man Zero Collection, Mega Man Zero art from Capcom-Unity users, pizza, a screening of the awfully amazing Mega Man cartoon, Mega Man 9 and 10 tournaments, free t-shirts, E-Tank energy drinks, and a raffle for prizes from Seth Killian's personal Mega Man collection. My buddy Sham made out like a bandit; he not only won a couple raffle prizes but he also won the Mega Man 10 tourny. That was awesome enough on its own, but then I won the Kubricks. Nice. As usual, nice work, Capcom. Way to be good to your fans.

The Rockman Kubricks from Seth's desk still reek of that one-of-a-kind scent of Seth.

- Shawn - 6/4/10