Mega Man Gets His Tribute

UDON's new Mega Man project is something not entirely unexpected: a Mega Man Tribute art book. Next year, Mega Man will be joining the Street Fighter and Darkstalkers tributes before it in having a few thousand fans submit art for a possible page in the book. Fans have until January 31st to submit art to UDON. The hefty 300-page book will debut at San Diego Comic-con 2011 in a special hardcover limited edition. Great, now I'll have to lug around another hardcover UDON tribute book with me when I go to comic conventions in hopes of having some of the artists sign their work. My back is already killing me. Seriously, this is awesome. The Street Fighter and Darkstalkers tributes contain some truly amazing art pieces. I can't wait to see what fandom has in store for Mega Man. I also think Keiji Inafune (the father of Mega Man) should totally do a brand new piece of art and submit it for this.

Oddly enough, the Mega Man Tribute cover has more Zero than Mega Man.

- Shawn - 12/08/10