Mega Man Mega-Bustin' at SDCC '13 (Updated)

Capcom continues to celebrate Mega Man's 25th anniversary with an exclusive Mega Man statue for SDCC 2013. Like many other awesome Capcom things, this was announced at PAX East over the weekend. Made by Multiverse Studio, Mega Man proudly stands with his Mega Buster fully charged for action. The statue is 10" tall with a 6" base. It sports some slick LEDs that light up the helmet, the energy bar on his Mega-Buster, and four LED spotlights on the base that shine up on the whole statue. It's a cool looking piece, especially with the LEDs fully lit, but one thing seems al little odd; his right hand is kind of obscuring his face. It's a little strange to obscure the face of such popular character, but Mega Man is so iconic that you don't need to see his face to know who it is.

No price has been announced yet and the statue will debut at SDCC, with any remainder likely showing up on the Capcom Store. Each statue will also be individually numbered. The final number of statues hasn't been decided, but it will be under 2000. I think 1987 would be the perfect number.

Update: The Mega Man statue is up for pre-order on the Capcom Store right now. The price is $99.95, but the final number of statues still hasn't been revealed. Pre-orders will be open until April 25th and any remainder will be available at SDCC.

Mega Man is ready to bust some fools.

The statue looks even cooler with the LEDs lit up.

Check out a couple more images at Capcom-Unity.

- Shawn - 3/26/13