Mega Man X Vs. Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 Vs. Alice Vs. SDCC 2011 Exclusives

The San Diego Comic-Con is coming up next month, so it's about time that more reveals of exclusives start busting in. The first for today is the awesome D-Arts Mega Man X Metallic Version. I saw the regular version at Fanime 2011 last weekend and it was mega badass, but the extra shiny metallic paint version looks ever cooler. The figure will include all the accessories as the normal version with an X-Buster blast, triple shot, and interchangeable faces and arms. I'm going to guess that this will be in the $25 - 30 range.

Mega Man X shine get!

The other awesome exclusive is a Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 Minimates box set from Diamond Select. This four-pack includes Dante, Arthur, Deadpool, and Phoenix in their player 2 colors. This means Dante has a white coat, Arthur is clad in his swank gold armor, Deadpool is wearing X-Men yellow and blue, and Phoenix is in white. If these follow the same pricing as last year's Minimates sets they'll probably be around $18.

Dante, Arthur, Deadpool, and Phoenix decked out in their Player 2 colors.

Diamond Select will also have another Minimate exclusive: Alice from the upcoming Alice: Madness Returns game. She's wearing her dress from the game with a mysterious blood spot. Apparently this will be the only Minimate ever from the game, so if you're a big fan of Alice and her madness this could be a must-buy. Minimates usually come in 2 or 4-packs; you don't usually see Minimates all by their lonesome. For those that want more than just Madness Alice, there will also be a Femme Fatale Alice statue that's limited to only 100 pieces.

The madness is trying to figure out where that blood really came from.

Last year, Diamond Select was giving away the Gator Battle Beast to the first thousand or so purchasers at their booth. This year they'll be doing something similar and giving out free Minimates MAX figures and Pirate Raiders Minimates during the show, but I think these might just be random giveaways so you may not have to buy something. Free bonus stuff is always good. (Via ToyNewsi and Action Figure Insider)

- Shawn - 6/2/11