Merry Christmas, Hereís Shooting Game Historica 4

How does the Takara Tomy ARTS blog celebrate Christmas? By announcing the next wave of their premier shooter replicas, Shooting Game Historica 4. SGH4 have six ships, including the Legend Silver Hawk Burst from Darius Burst (Iím pretty sure that the eventual SP edition would include the new Silver Hawk), Flint Lock from Xexex, CF-345 Black Fly from Metal Black, Twinbee and Winbee form the Twinbee series (specifically Pop ĎN Twinbee. Nice. I knew these would make an appearance eventually), and X-002 from X-Multiply.

Since this is just an announcement there are no actual product photos, but there are a CG mock-ups of the ships. The Black Fly and X-002 are Takara Tomy ARTSí first venture into the metal tentacle territory for SGH, so it will be interesting to see if the tentacles will be articulated, be solid pieces, or if they will be bendy. Iím not sure if the F.O.U.R. of SGH4 is an actual acronym or if itís just an artistic choice for the logo. Iím sure weíll find out soon enough, but apparently, Takara have a new process to include even more detail on the ships than before. Shooting Game Historica 4 should be available in April 2010.

Shooting Game Historica 4 brings the legends, the cute, and the tentacles.

SGH4 was Takaraís biggest announcement on Christmas, but it wasnít their only one. They also revealed the prototype packaging for the Thunder Force V super set. Finally, there will be two alternate environment colors for the limited Valken with booster from the Video Game Robotics line. A desert camouflage version will be exclusive to, while a winter camo Valken will be exclusive to Dengeki Hobby. Here are images of the rest and Iíll see you sporadically over the rest of the holiday season.

The finished packaging for the Thunder Force V ultra-mega-uber-set.

Valken can be repurposed in winter soldier and desert assault varieties.

- Shawn - 12/26/09