Meta Fox

-Seta (1989)



The Story

The legendary Fox unit was devastated in a surprise attack by the T-Force. Only two of the six Fox members made it out alive and those two both lost their right eye in the battle. They’re going to get revenge for what happened to their teammates. Their inability to perceive spatial relationships won’t stop them from fighting a war. In remembrance of their teammates they have named their unit Meta Fox. Their survival of the massacre has inexplicably moved their flying abilities beyond normal pilots, but since they can't see worth a damn they'll just have the same skills as before.



My Thoughts

Sometimes shooters will have selectable characters and sometimes one of those characters wears an eye patch. It must be difficult for one-eyed pilots to accurately target opposing forces, but somehow they do it and are tougher and cooler because of it. Meta Fox goes tougher and more rugged than other shooters as it has both pilots with an eye patch. How can these two one-eyed guys win this battle? A lack of depth perception is bad enough, but when their planes are painfully slow Corsairs, it makes their chances of success drop quite a bit.

I initially didn’t like Meta Fox because of how slow the plane was, but after stage two (which mysteriously lacked a boss), I was somehow able to choose an F-86 Sabre. The Sabre was faster and the game became better... until I died. When I got shot down in my Sabre I continued and received a slap in the face for doing so; I was back in the slow-ass Corsair. I wasn’t able to choose which plane I wanted when I continued; they just started me completely over. With much fortitude I once again disliked the game. I think I figured out how to be able to choose a better plane. You must collect five “S” icons and still have them at the end of the stage. If you die, you lose the icons and any chance of ever getting a decent chance to win. I think that’s how it goes, at least. I do know that “P” upgrades your weapon and “B” gives you another bomb, but I have no idea what the “A” icon does. Maybe it was just for points; I don’t know or care anymore.

The same hard rockin’ guitar music played in every stage and the same slightly different music with a female Japanese singer played during boss battles. The music made me feel like Tom Cruise was my wingman as I was unable to avoid another kamikaze helicopter. Please, Tom Cruise, don’t let me die.

Score: 2.5










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