Metal Gear RAY, Atlas, Peabody, and Carter at ThreeA's Re-Venture

ThreeA's Re-Venture show is going on in Hong Kong right now, showing off lots of incredible art and figures from Ashley Wood and ThreeA. Thanks to these photos and those photos posted on the ThreeA blog we get our very first look at Metal Gear RAY. We also get to see full non-teaser shots of Portal 2's Atlas and Peabody, and Halo: Reach's Carter. Time to for videogame fans to start saving up for the awesome. ThreeA also has tons of amazing non-videogame-related things, too, but I'm just posting the game-related stuff here. Head to the ThreeA blog and the Re-Venture blog to check out all the rest of their goods.

If Metal gear REX is any indication, then RAY will also be absolutely incredible, but who knows how long it'll be before it's actually up for sale. REX took years after we first time we saw it.

I wonder if RAY will be able to stand on its own once it's finished.

Carter is looking great in prototype and fully painted versions.

The unpainted prototypes of Portal 2's robotic dynamic duo.

It looks like Atlas could have full range of body motion.

Will Atlas and Peabody include Portal guns? I think they would have to.

- Shawn - 4/28/12