Metal Gear REX Light-up Railgun Video by ThreeA

I was beginning to wonder if we would ever get any further info about ThreeA's amazing Metal Gear REX masterpiece. The first and last time we heard anything was back in November of 2009. With a post to rival the grandeur of the Star Wars Blu-rays, the ThreeA Production Blog posted a video of what is most likely the light-up railgun for REX. And it's frakking awesome. Looking back at the original photos of their REX, I can definitely tell where all those points of light would be on the final toy. ThreeA's normal toys usually sell out within minutes; You add Metal Gear into the equation and there is just going to be insanity if and when REX gets released. I can't imagine how much this will be, but I'm ready to sell all my other toys to free up some cash for this.


- Shawn - 5/4/11