Metal Gear Solid Sneaks Into Risk

Risk has changed, again, now with Metal Gear Solid getting the Risk treatment. Risk: Metal Gear Solid follows the world of Metal Gear Solid 4, with Private Military Companies armies fighting for control and Old Snake sneaking and smoking cigarettes around them, which is really the only way Metal Gear could work as Risk. Each PMC army can hire a boss character, like Solid Snake, Raiden, and Liquid Ocelot who have special modifiers. The game includes over 290 pieces that includes 5 PMC plastic armies, 8 boss cards, an Outer Haven Battleship, Drebin's ship cards, territory cards, a world game board, a smaller Outer Haven game board, and 7 dice. For the big Metal Gear fans, there will be two versions of the game; the Limited Edition and the Collector's Edition. The Limited Edition version has a different box with new original art by Yoji Shinkawa and is limited to only 2,014 individually numbered pieces. Pre-orders will be available starting October 3rd on USAopoly for $49.95. The last Risk I got was the Lord of the Rings Trilogy one, which I only played it once or twice, but it had a cool variation on the old Risk formula. Risk takes a lot of set-up and a lot of time to play a full game, which is the prime reason I don't play it so much, but even if I only play it once it'll be awesome.

World domination is one hell of a sneaking mission.

- Shawn - 9/22/11