Metal Slug's Fio Has a Small Tank

Is this the first official Metal Slug figure? I've seen custom stuff and bootlegs before, but never anything official. If it isn't, then Metal Slug figures are incredibly rare. If it is the first official Metal Slug figure then it's about damn time. Made by Embrace Japan, this is a 1/8 scale figure of the glasses-wearing Fiolina Germi based on her Metal Slug 4 appearance. What's cooler is that Fio comes with a miniature diorama set of a Metal Slug tank, bridge piece, and a POW. If Embrace Japan plans to release other Metal Slug statues with additional smaller figurines and vehicles you could make a bigger miniature diorama. It's too bad the tank isn't sold separately because I'm digging the diorama pieces more than the Fio Statue, but this is still very welcome merchandise for Metal Slug. It's a bit pricey at 8,800 Yen, but AmiAmi and Hobby Stock have it on pre-order for a little less. Fio and her small tank will be out in April 2012. (via Tomopop)

This awesome little Metal Slug tank includes a giant Fio.

- Shawn - 11/25/11