Mileena Bares Her Teeth... and Nearly Everything Else

If you beat all 300 challenges in Mortal Kombat's Challenge Tower what do you get? A third "outfit" for Mileena. She fights mask-less baring those gnarly, terrifying teeth for all the world to see. Her outfit is also less of an outfit and more of a strategically-placed bandage strip. It's sexy and practical fighting attire because if she gets hurt she has some extra bandage wrapping. Those teeth are sure to fend off more than a few advances, though. Maybe. Check out the video to see Mileena in all her glory.


It seems weird to me that the ultimate unlockable is just an extra skank-ified Mileena. I would think new alternate costumes for everyone would be a better reward, especially for the players that don't like Mileena. Oh well. The cosplay for this is going to be great. Or absolutely horrible. Now if you'll excuse me I have to get working on that Challenge Tower.

- Shawn - 4/24/11