Mortal Kombat: Legacy II - The Komplete Season

It has begun... and it has ended, all in a single day. Mortal Kombat: Legacy II premiered at Machinima today, but it wasn't just the first episode like we were all expecting; it was the entire ten episode season. I though I'd be talking about this for at least the next ten weeks or so, but now it's just one big chunk of awesome all at once. I do like being able to watch the entire thing as a while mini-movie. I really enjoyed this "season" and liked the new twist on a familiar character. I just wish it was longer so we could see more. Sub Zero's costume was pretty weak, though. The episodes cover some of the tournament (which seems to be a bunch of running into each other and fighting) but also has lots of good back story building up to the tourney with new-to-the-series characters like Liu Kang and Kenshi. Director Kevin Tancharoen did a mostly amazing job and I can't wait to see what Mortal Kombat thing he does after this. Watch the full season below or check it out at Machinima. Enjoy. Oh, and there's going to be a third season, unless the movie is next.

- Shawn - 9/26/13