Mortal Kombat Rebirth Rebirthed

Director Kevin Tancharoen initially made the radically different Mortal Kombat "Rebirth" short in hopes of Warner Bros. letting him make a new Mortal Kombat movie. The short was awesome and got tons of attention, so WB let him make the MK: Legacy webisodes. The webisodes were decent enough, but followed a more traditional MK storyline and none of them were as great as his original "Rebirth" short. Except the Raiden episode, which was the closest one to Tancharoen's original vision and ended up being best episode of the series. Then there was the new and amazing Mortal Kombat game which sold millions. Now, Warner Bros. wants to build up on the resurgence in MK popularity and make a movie... with Tancharoen as the director. It's kind of cool how that worked out for him.

Supposedly, the movie will be more "grounded in reality" like "Rebirth" was. So, maybe we will actually get to see Tancharoen's original vision, or at least more of it, when the movie comes out in 2013. This also gives me an excuse to re-post the "Rebirth" short because it's just that awesome. (via L.A. Times)

- Shawn - 9/29/11