Mortal Kombat X Street Fighter from Jazwares

We knew Jazwares had the license to do Street Fighter figures, but apparently they'll also be doing Mortal Kombat. At Toy Fair '11, Jazwares had on display none of their Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter figures; only packaging samples. Huh, that's weird. Isn't it good to have at least some kind of figures on display at the biggest toy show all year to help get buyers interested? They could have had some unpainted prototypes or something, right? Maybe it's just a case of Jazwares not having anything ready and not a case of them having little faith in their product. Now, I'm really interested in seeing what the Jazwares figures are going to look like.

For Mortal Kombat, Jazwares had lots of packaging samples for single figures and a three-pack. The single-carded figures will be classic Sub Zero, new Sub Zero, classic Scorpion, new Scorpion, classic Smoke, classic Reptile, new Raiden, and new Johnny Cage. So, in other words, lots of ninjas. It looks like the Packaging samples for the new looks of the characters are larger than the classic versions. I hope that doesn't mean that the classic and newer characters are actually different sizes. It would be too awesome to have the classic and new versions standing next to one another, shoulder-to-shoulder. The three-pack has the cyber-ninjas Cyrax, Sektor, and the cyber-ninja version of Smoke. That is a lot of ninjas. I'm surprised they also didn't have Ermac, Noob Saibot, and Rain packaging. Easy repaints, right?

Check out the DO NOT PHOTOGRAPH sign. Nice work, TNI. The ninjas approve.

More ninjas!

Cyber-ninjas! In a box!

So far for Street Fighter, Jazwares will have three two-packs. There will be the obvious Ryu Vs. Sagat pack, a Guile Vs. Abel pack, and a Seth Vs. El Fuerte. That Seth Vs. El Fuerte seems like an odd choice for a two-pack to me, but I'm not big into either of the characters, so I won't be missing anything there.

Unfortunately, Without any actual figures we can't tell anything of their look or quality, or if the Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter figures would be in the same scale. It would be cool is they were. I don't think any MK and SF figures have been in the same scale since Hasbro's made them in the same scale as the G.I. Joe 3&3/4" figures. Man, those were the days. See more photos at ToyNewsi.

Seriously, not a single figure to show off? Hmmm.

- Shawn - 2/14/11