Motorcycle Madness





The Story

The roads have become clogged with motorcycles. In fact, the number of motorcycles speeding down the streets is outnumbering cars and trucks. You’re sick of having to share the road with these other riders. You have the baddest cycle in town and as such, it should be the only one. You attach a gun to the front of you cycle with a self-proclaimed mission of clearing the road of as many motorcycles as you can.

My Thoughts

Motorcycle Madness was the first game I received from Kellogg’s cereal promo line of LCD Xbox Mini games. This particular game is shaped like the front top portion of a motorcycle complete with handlebars and a small windshield. While the design of the unit is fairly clever, the actual screen you need to look at is very small. The screen measures an eye-straining 10/16” wide by 14/16” long with a slightly curved piece of highway as the backdrop. It doesn't help that the screen is the usual muddy green color LCD games have. If you stare at this screen too long your eyes will begin to trip out.

Fortunately, you won’t have to lose you eyesight to play this because the entire game can be completed in approximately one minute. There are three levels with each one getting a little faster and having more oncoming motorcycles. Your cycle is at the bottom of the screen. You move it left and right and shoot the oncoming cycles. You only have six shots at a time, but extra ammo inexplicably shows up on the road so you can reload.

I don’t understand why this game only has three levels when the other Xbox Mini games have five (one of them has four). Were motorcycles just too much for the little unit to handle that it is limited to three levels? The motorcycle handlebar design is nice, but it should have had at least the same number of levels as the other games.      

Score: 4.0