Movie Dinobots Cosplay as G1 Dinobots for SDCC

For anyone who thought that the Knights of Unicron set was ridiculous, overpriced, or both, Hasbro has revealed a second Transformers set for SDCC 2014. It is something that a lot of Transformers fans would actually want, even though it's still probably overpriced. Four Dinobots from Transformers: Age of Extinction are painted in fairly accurate G1 color schemes. Grimlock, Snarl, Strafe (Swoop), and Slug (Slag) look way better than the movie color figures and have shiny chrome pieces to help make up for them not being made of die-cast metal. Even though a couple of the designs are still strange, like horns on Grimlock and two heads for Strafe, the figures look closer to Dinobots instead of Dragonbots.

Now these are looking like Dinobots. Except the two-headed thing; that still doesn't make sense.

The Slog (Sludge) figure isn't in the set, which would have been nice for a more complete set of throwback Generation 1 Dinobots.

The packaging converts into a huge Autobot Ark / Mt. Saint Hilary base playset. It's a cool idea, no doubt about that, but the playset is all cardboard, and one look at the photos makes me feel like it won't stand up to much play time or display time. Anyone not happy about the price of the Knights of Unicron isn't going to be happier about this one, either. It's $160 for four figures and a cardboard playset. So, any fans planning on getting both Transformers exclusives will be dropping $345 just on the two sets. Yowza. Check out more photos of the figures transformed at IGN.

"Me Grimlock about to break Autobot base by standing here."

The crashed Ark side is primed for "Autobots, roll out" dioramas.

- Shawn - 6/19/14