My PlayStation 3 Went Into the Yellow Light

My PlayStation 3 has died. Right after I got the 3.60 firmware update I decided to play some Marvel Vs. Capcom 3. I was playing for around 30 minutes when the screen froze and my PS3 powered-off. I turned it back on to be kicked in the face by a normal green light for only a second, then a yellow light, then a deathly flashing red. Not only can I not play my PS3 games, but I'm also without a Blu-ray player. Damn, and I just got a few new Blu-rays I wanted to watch. But here's the real kicker: I was also going to join PlayStation Plus this weekend so I could backup the few copy-protected saves I had with the new cloud-based saving that was included with 3.60. What incredibly shitty timing.

Statistically, PS3s bricking are much, much lower than Xbox 360s bricking, however, I have almost as many friends whose PS3s have died as I do friends whose Xbox 360s have died. Meanwhile, my launch-day PS2 still works perfectly. Man, this generation of gaming has just been too stressful. We shouldn't have to worry about consoles breaking or losing our save data at any moment. I guess I'll have time to catch up on my Xbox 360 games.

My PS3 bricked on firmware update 3.60. Hmm... 3.60, Xbox 360... coincidence? Can't be.

- Shawn - 3/12/11