NECA Alien SDCC 2017 Exclusive is a TMNT Pizza Monster

NECA's second SDCC 2017 exclusive is an Alien repaint, but it also doubles as another Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles exclusive. Called the Sewer Mutation Warrior, it's an Alien warrior repainted in a light brown-ish / dirty yellow-ish color, much like the Pizza Monsters from the original TMNT episode "Case of the Killer Pizzas," where the creatures very much resembled Alien aliens. This is the perfect kind of exclusive because it's not an important figure for Aliens, but is an insanely cool repaint for fans of both properties.

This is also a great figure because an action figure of the Pizza Monster was never made for the original TMNT line. That was a sorely missed opportunity. The closest we got was one of the squirrel alien things from the new cartoon, but then those were red and based on squirrels. This is a figure that is finally kind of completing the original TMNT figures.

The Sewer Mutation Warrior will be available to non-con-goers for pre-order on June 20th at The NECA Store, along with the other exclusives they have yet to reveal.

- Shawn - 6/4/17