NECA Dips into the Aliens Expanded Universe

NECA will be dipping into the Aliens expanded universe early on in their Aliens figure releases with the Genocide two-pack. Based off the four-issue Dark Horse comic from 1991-92, it includes black and red Alien Warriors. I haven't read the comic, or even knew there were red Aliens in the Aliens universe, but now I'm very intrigued. I'll have to hunt down these comics. Sure, they're just repaints, but unlike other properties, Aliens don't need to be physically different from each other. The figures feature over 30 points of articulation and bendy tails. The black Alien is a classic, but that red one looks rad-ass. It's almost on the verge of being a ridiculously awesome old Kenner Alien, but is actually just a normal Alien that is red. 

It's an Aliens dance party! Unce unce unce!

Due out in June, this is just the first two-pack NECA has coming out this year. The other two are Hicks Vs. blue Warrior with a Shot-gunned head and Hudson Vs. a brown Warrior with a shot-up chest. So, the two Aliens with acid bursting out of them we saw at Toy Fair 2013 really are the figures that will be released. That's both disappointing and cool at the same time. It's cool because it'll give you a new way to display Aliens, but disappointing because those Aliens are most likely permanently like that and won't include extra head/parts. Blue Warrior Alien is forever in a getting-its-head-shot-off pose, not matter how you pose it.

NECA actually has 13 Aliens coming out this year. Three in Series 1, three in Series 2, the three two-packs, and an Alien Queen. NECA also stated that this two-pack is the only way to get the black or red Aliens this year, meaning there could be a black Alien available singly next year. I wouldn't bet on the red on being available singly, though.

And going back to those old Kenner Aliens, I would love to see NECA make new versions of them, like they're doing with the Predators. However, if that would ever happen I'm sure it would be a few years off.

- Shawn - 3/14/13