NECA Has 3.75" Gears of War Figures Incoming

NECA has been making the big 7" Gears of War figures for years, but now they've announced that the Gears will be coming in a 3.75" scale. They're smaller, but just as beefy. NECA sent out a photo of the packaging sample and the first three figures; Marcus, Baird, and surprisingly, Clayton Carmine (the Carmine from GoW3). I'm surprised the third Carmine brother made it into the first series over Dom, Cole Train, or even a Locust, but I'm not complaining. Each figure has over 20 points of articulation and includes weapons and accessories. The figures look just like their bigger counterparts, which is great. I love the 3.75" scale and if NECA's figures really are just as detailed as they appear to be in the photo, then these smaller Gears of War figures are going to be awesome. Wooo!

The Gears may be smaller in height, but are just as wide.

At this scale, NECA could also get into vehicles eventually, but we'll see if that ever happens. The smaller Gears figures should be out in February 2013. NECA also stated that they have a second 3.75" line to announce at Toy Fair in February 2013. Will it be a movie or videogame property? They have said it won't be Predator, which is unfortunate because a 3.75" Predator line would be boss. (via Action Figure Insider)

- Shawn - 12/1/12