NECA's Little Teaser for Little/Big Sisters SDCC Exclusive

NECA announced their SDCC 2010 exclusives last week which included a Jace figure from the excellent Gears of War comic, a liquid metal T-1000, and BioShock 2's Big Sister Eleanor with saved Little Sister 2-pack. They had images of Jace and the T-1000, but nothing for the Sisters. Now NECA has released an image for the sisters, but it's only a teaser. Just a shoulders-up shot of Eleanor who might be in some Big Sister armor. Hmm, I guess that might be a spoiler, huh? I have yet to play BioShock 2 (loved the first one, just haven't had time to start #2 yet) so this would be a spoiler for me, too. Well, I guess you can't keep 'em all spoiler free. Anyways, the description says that Eleanor has a new head and collar without the shoulder armor. The Little Sister will look like a normal girl instead of the freaky Adam-sucking creature and will have a Bouncer doll accessory. Sounds cool. If pricing is the same as last year then they should be $20 when the craziness of SDCC '10 begins. (via Toy News i)

NECA gives a little tease of Eleanor in her Sisterly gear. This is all you get.

- Shawn - 5/18/10

Okay, since I like the Gears of War comic and Eleanor isn't much of an image, here's the promo of Jace.