NECA's SDCC '12 Exclusive Cloaked City Hunter Predator

NECA's requisite Predator exclusive for SDCC 2012 is another cloaked variant, this time of the City Hunter from Predator 2. I think we already knew this, but now there are official photos of the figure and it looks just like a cloaked Predator should. The figure has over 25 points of articulation and has all the detail you'd expect from NECA, minus the paint applications. It also includes a trophy skull of something, which is a really cool addition and isn't available with any other Predator figure. Personally, my interest in clear-type figures of any kind has been gradually waning over the years, so my excitement for a another cloaked Predator figure isn't quite where it was previously. The figure will probably follow NECA SDCC pricing tradition of $20. If you can't make SDCC, there might be opportunities to score the figure. Head to NECA's site for photos of the figure from various angles.

That's a nice photo of NECA SDCC exclusive trophy skull. What? There's a Predator standing there, too?

- Shawn - 5/28/12