NECA Teases TMNT Animated-Style Figures for SDCC 2017

NECA's twitter was teasing the next incredible convention exclusive for World Turtle Day; an action figure box set (or two) based off the '80s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon. While they haven't specifically stated what it is, the photos and hints make it more than obvious. More details will be shared later, but for now check out the awesome teaser photos.

Last year's SDCC had the two amazing videogame TMNT sets; one for turtles, one for the Foot Clan. Then last year's NYCC had the exclusive original Foot Clan set. NECA could keep doing this kind of thing for a while if they wanted. Can you imagine if NECA makes this a yearly tradition? They could potentially do sets for all other cartoon/comic/movie turtles for each subsequent SDCC or NYCC and us Turtle fans would go nuts every time.

According to some twitter posts, you don't have to go to SDCC to get these. You will have to be quick to order then, though. Anyway, all the details of these sets will be coming soon.

- Shawn - 5/23/17