NECA TMNT SDCC 2017 Exclusive Full Reveal

Once again for Turtle Tuesday, NECA's twitter was shooting out photos of their SDCC Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles exclusive box set, leading up to a full reveal on The Fwoosh. This set is amazing. I thought NECA couldn't one-up themselves after the TMNT Arcade sets last year, but they did. The cartoon Turtles in NECA's realistic style works really well. Also, This isn't two box sets, one for the Turtles, one for the Foot; this is one giant box set with eight figures and accessories straight out of the cartoon.

The box is a big vinyl carrying case, just like the cases from the '80s. I still have my old TMNT case and this new one fits right in with it. The art on the case is said to be done by one of the Archie TMNT artists. We're haven't been told which one yet, but it is an awesome way to not only keep it with the original cartoon, but also the Archie comic series. I hope that handle is super secure and sturdy, though, because that is going to be a heavy case.

The set will be $200 and will be available at SDCC. A limited number will also be available at The NECA Store in a few weeks for those not attending SDCC. Unlike the TMNT Arcade sets from last year, there will not be a pick-up at the con option, so buying there or getting one when they go on sale will be your only shot. Supposedly there are more of these than the Arcade sets, so it might be slightly easier to nab one. Slightly. Be sure to check out all the bodacious photos at The Fwoosh.

- Shawn - 5/30/17