NECA's Videogame Figures at Toy Fair 2011

NECA is bringing a ton of new and awesome videogame figures this year and next. The king himself, Duke Nukem, is getting a new action figure form NECA in April, just before Duke Nukem Forever is finally out. How long has it been since Resaurus' Duke Nukem figures? 14 years? The Resaurus figures were great, but it's definitely time for Duke to get an updated figure. I just hope NECA will be making some enemies, too. The best part about the Duke figure is that it includes a cigar.

All Duke needs is a gun and a cigar to save the world.

Of course, with Gears of War 3 coming out NECA will be doing a new line of figures based on the third installment of the manly game series. Honestly, I can't really tell the difference between the Gears of War 1, GoW2 and upcoming GoW3 Marcus figures. The new line will have Marcus, bearded Dom, a COG soldier a Locust or two, and the very first female figure in the line, Anya Stroud. You can tell which one her because she's not pumped full of muscle juice or wider than a semi.

The inclusion of women COGs doesn't make the game less manly because you can still chainsaw them.

NECA already had prototypes for BioShock Infinite figures with updated Infinite versions of their previous Splicers. There were also two new repaints of a Big Daddy Bouncer and Subject Alpha. The main reason you would want another Big Daddy Bouncer? LEDs. This Bouncer repaint has LED lights that will probably be lighting up the inside of the helmet looking all bad-ass. As for the Subject Alpha repaint, I don't know what's really new on it, but some LED action on that would be fantastic.

LEDs are why you want another Big Daddy.

The often shown Borderlands Claptrap figure was on display again. It seems like this guy ha been in production for ages, however, it will finally be out this May. Seriously, I think one of my friends would die if this figure didn't come out soon.

Does it look like he's dancin'? He's dancin'.

  Be sure to check out lots more photos at Poe Ghostal's Flickr and ToyNewsi.

- Shawn - 2/15/11