NECA's Booker DeWitt Lives, Lived, Will Live

It's been strange having an action figure line from one of the biggest videogames ever and not having a figure of the main character. NECA's BioShock Infinite figures have been released very slowly, but they could have been released right on time. Elizabeth and the Boy of Silence both came out just before the game. A George Washington Motorized Patriot hit store shelves much later afterwards (I had finally seen it on shelves a month ago), with a possible Benjamin Franklin version also in the works.

I had my doubts that we'd ever see a Booker figure, but at Toy Fair '14, NECA showed off a 2-up of Booker. This week, NECA officially announced the figure which is scheduled to ship out in July this year. So, this Summer, or maybe it's already out as you're reading this, there will finally be a Booker to pose alongside Elizabeth to fight the Boys of Silence and Motorized Patriots. Booker includes a Sky-Hook and shotgun, but won't include the previously shown Vigor bottle, unfortunately.

Booker got lost looking for the bathroom.

I would have loved to have seen a Songbird from NECA, even if it wouldn't be in-scale. At this point, it looks like all we might see later on are more Motorized Patriots, but only if interest in BioShock Infinite figures keeps on.

- Shawn - 3/29/14