New Gundam Anime About Building Gundam Models. Seriously.

There's going to be a new Gundam series and its going to be about building Gundam models. I'm completely serious here. This will be a real anime series. You might think that Bandai has finally run out of ideas of what to do with Gundam and you'd probably be half-right. With Gundam Unicorn being the last series set in the Universal Century, who knows what kinds of other crazy ideas they'll come up with next.

The series, titled Gunpla Builders Beginning G, is actually for the 30th Anniversary of the Gunpla (Gundam) model kits and will only be a short three episodes long, but even so, it's still a ridiculous idea for a new Gundam anime. Gundam models and toys have been in other anime series that I can't remember the names of, but it was just because a character had a collection of them; the entire show wasn't just about building a Gundam model. Like all other Gundam series, Gunpla Builders Beginning G will feature a brand new Gundam called Beginning Gundam. The show will be about be about a boy named Haru who gets a Beginning Gundam model... and builds it. That's not all, though, as his friend Kenta gives him advice on how to build it. Exciting stuff. Of course, there will be an actual real-life Gundam model of the Gundam model in the Gundam model show that you can buy and build yourself.

What I like is this: On the poster, the girl character, Rina, has an Acguy with a bear head, and that is just awesome. I want an official Gunpla model of an Acguy with a bear head. Make it so, Bandai. The idea for this series is still ridiculous, but I must see this show, mainly because Gundam Unicorn has put me in a Gundam frenzy. (via Anime News Network)

Get ready to build your own Gundam model of the Gundam model built in the Gundam model building show.

- Shawn - 5/13/10