New Halo 4 Enemies and Master Chief Figure to Debut at SDCC '12?

A couple photos have leaked online of the packaging for Master Chief figure from McFarlane Toys' Halo 4 line. The packaging is fairly standard for a McFarlane Toys' Halo figure, but what I find interesting is SDCC sticker on the bubble. Does that mean that SDCC will be the debut of McFarlane Toys Halo 4 Master Chief? I think so. If this is anything like the 10th Anniversary Platinum Chief from last year, then the figure will also be available at retail, just without the SDCC sticker.

The back of the packaging gives us the first glimpse of a few more new figures (Grunt Storm? Sounds cool) and two brand new enemies, the Crawler and the Watcher. Whatever this dog thing and flying thing are, thank Crom that they aren't usual Covenant aliens. When I first saw screenshots with Elites and Grunts I'm disappointed that Halo 4 will still have aliens from the Covenant, but at least there are two new aliens in the mix. There is also a secret enemy figure the back of the packaging mentions, so there's something else new to look forward to. I hope it's called a Secreter to go along with the two alien names. Maybe the figures of these three new enemies will be at SDCC, too. It's probable.

Halo 4 Master Chief will probably just debut at SDCC.

If the Master Chief figure debuts at SDCC, then everyone will see the two new enemies on the back, so I'm thinking that the two new enemies will be officially revealed at the Halo panel (it hasn't been announced yet, but you know there's going to be one). Bungie could reveal the enemies beforehand, possibly at E3 or Gamescom, too. Whenever the Crawler and Stalker are officially revealed it'll be before or during SDCC since they're both on the are on the back of the packaging. (via The Halo Council)

A Crawler, a Watcher, and a secret enemy? I hope it's called a Secreter to keep with the Halo 4 naming convention.

- Shawn - 5/14/12