New Mega Man Comic Coming from Archie Comics

Ever since Dreamwave went under I've been waiting for someone to take over the reigns of a Mega Man comic. Dreamwave's Mega Man series only lasted a few issues and ended rather abruptly thanks to their bankruptcy. I kind of expected that Udon would start one up at some point given their close relationship with Capcom and that they're bringing over the various Mega Man manga from Japan. However, from an announcement at New York Comic-con 2010, it turns out that Archie Comics will be publishing Mega Man in Spring 2011.

The art seems to be on the right track with the cover of issue #1 and the piece of what might be interior art. That Cutman is looking good and mean. The only worry I have for Mega Man is that it would be geared too much towards a younger audience. Mega Man will be written by Ian Flynn with art by Patrick "Spaz" Spaziante who have both worked on Archie's long-running Sonic the Hedgehog series. I've never read it, but it must be decent if it's lasted over 200 issues. Mega Man will supposedly stay true to the games, so as long as the story is good and it covers what us old-time Mega Man fans need it to, then it should be fine. If Mega Man is successful enough it could also lead to spin-offs for the X series, Zero, and Legends. (via Newsarama)

Mega Man fights the robot uprising in Spring 2011.

- Shawn - 10/10/10