The Monkey's News Box: 4/15/12


Is this Deathtrap? It looks awesome and scary as hell, but can it get down as good as Claptrap?

  • Borderlands 2 will probably get a fifth character class as post-launch DLC: the Mechromancer. The concept art shows the Mechromancer as a red-haired girl with a robot arm and will be able to control a scary-ass robot companion called D374-TP, otherwise known as Deathtrap. The DLC will be available 60 - 90 days after the game launches, so Gearbox will be able to avoid any on-disc DLC shenanigans, and it will be free for those that pre-order the game. There will also be a $150.00 special edition of the game packaged in a loot box. It better have some other cool swag for that price.

  • The new Resident Evil 6 trailer has the C-Virus, Wesker Jr., and Chris and Leon fighting each other over a chick who looks like Strider. As for ridiculously expensive editions of the game, there will be a $1300 Premium Edition that includes a replica of Leon's leather jacket.

  • Lost Planet 3? Seriously? Didn't the second game bomb big time? Will I win a new Lost Planet plush to go with Sir Om-Nom-Nom?

  • Overweight bad box art Mega Man from Street Fighter X Tekken went though many different concepts, with a couple of the designs being tons better than the final version. That "in his prime" version look amazing. Why wasn't that one used? Oh right, because Capcom hates Mega Man.

  • Miyamoto might be interested in a new F-Zero on the Wii U. If a new F-Zero was released on Wii U I would have a reason to actually buy one.


  • A Mosquitor figure will be out later this year for Masters of the Universe Classics. That art makes the character actually look cool.

- Shawn - 4/15/12

The Monkey's News Box: 4/8/12


Go Zekrom! Nobunaga chooses you to conquer the 17 Kingdoms!

  • Pokemon + Nobunaga's Ambition is heading to the U.S. on June 18th under the title Pokemon Conquest. What's strange is that this is just on the regular DS, not that new-fangled 3DS. I guess the DS will see one more huge game before completely dying. I'm not into Pokemon games (I had to look up the name for Zekrom over to the right), but I'm going to have to play this because it's such a bizarre combination and I love ridiculous alternate takes on history.

  • Everyone who whined about the Mass Effect 3 ending are now getting what they want. BioWare will be releasing a free extended cut of the ending to bring some closure to the series. I haven't beaten ME3 yet because of an annoying bug that likes to reset my Achievements and stats, which is something the April 10th patch probably won't fix. Meanwhile, the Resurgence Pack will hit on April 10th with new multiplayer maps, characters, and weapons.

  • More digital pinball is coming to PSN this week with The Pinball Arcade. The first four tables are the classic Tales of the Arabian Nights, Black Hole, Ripley's Believe it of Not, and Theatre of Magic. Also, when you buy the PS3 or Vita version, you get the other version for free. Sweet deal.

  • Bungie has said goodbye to Halo with this massive stat chart full of all kinds of interesting stuff of what we've done while playing Halo games.

  • The next Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning DLC will be out April 17th. Teeth of Naros will have new side quests, monsters, dungeons, armors, twists of fate, and weapons

  • WayForward is developing a new Double Dragon game with Double Dragon: Neon. The lone screenshot and title of this isn't doing it for me just yet, but I like WayForward so I have some faith in them.

  • The Strike Witches shooter was originally an Xbox 360 game that fans were enraged about because it looked like a PSP game. Well, now that same Strike Witches game is coming to the PSP with all the DLC that was released on the Xbox 360 version on the PSP's little UMD. That's just terrible. If I were a Strike Witches fan I'd probably be exploding with fanboy rage. Again.


  • The G.I. Joe Collector's Club released a teaser image for the exclusives at G.I. Joe Con, which will be some Oktober Guard themed set.


  • After Dark Films is launching After Dark Action, a series of movies starring Jean Claude Van Damme, Dolph Lundgren, Neal McDonough, Peter Weller, Cung Le, Jim Caviezel, Christian Slater, and others. There could be some terribly awesome gems in that mix.

  • Schwarzenegger and Stallone's next team-up movie after Expendables 2 is The Tomb. The movie will also have Jim Caviezel, Amy Ryan, Vincent D’Onofrio, Vinnie Jones, and 50 Cent.

- Shawn - 4/8/12