The Monkey's News Box: 12/22/13

Movies / TV

Godzilla and friends still love destroying everything, even after 60 years.

  • The classic Ranma 1/2 is coming to Blu-ray in March 2014, all remastered and in the original order. I love how the trailer makes it a point to mention that it's un-cropped. There will be a limited edition in a fancy box, too. This was a series I always meant to watch, and it looks like this is a good place to start.


  • Vin Diesel is officially voicing Groot in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie. So he's just going to say "I am Groot," over and over again right? Diesel was amazing in The Iron Giant, so I can see this working out quite well.

  • Anna Paquin's one and only scene as Rogue in X-Men: Days of Future Past was cut from the final film. That's kind of terrible. So much for bringing all the old and new cast together.

  • More monkey business is coming in Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. Them monkeys is crazy! Seriously, though, it's awesome that we have new Planet of the Apes movies.


45 Preds, 6 Dutch, and 1 hound. What's next, NECA?

  • NECA has a video showing off their awesome ED-209 with sound effects and speech. Finally, the ED-209 I always wanted is nearly here.


  • Those who pre-ordered Super7's Alien ReAction figures not only get a secret sixth figure, but also the packaging is on blue cards, compared to the black cards of the regular release. Now I'll have to keep them all packaged. Looks like I'll be ordering a regular release of the Alien so I can open it.

  • Pop Culture Shock's next 1/4 scale Street Fighter statue is Balrog. There are three versions up for pre-order: regular, Crazy Buffalo, and a USA robe. So patriotic.


  • NES Remix puts classic NES games in a Wario Ware type of setting and, as the title suggests, remixes them. Reversed Super Mario stages, Link in Donkey Kong, night vision Excitebike, and killing Luigi are just some of the crazy things in this. It's already out, too, basically coming out of nowhere. I may need to get a Wii U for this.


  • Konami wants Skullgirls de-listed form PSN and XBLA, for only reasons that Konami knows. They want it de-listed by Dec. 31st, which it will be, but Lab Zero will be re-releasing it as Skullgirls Encore sometime in January. It is basically the same game as a brand new game with separate trophies, save data, and leaderboards. It will also have a brand new character, Squidly! Those who already have the original Skullgirls will get Encore for free. Seriously, though, what is Konami's problem with Skullgirls?

  • Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, Marvel Vs. Capcom 2, and all their DLC were/are being pulled from PSN and XBLA. The last day for PSN was Dec. 17th, while XBLA has until Dec. 26th.

  • Luigi is a doctor now? Dr. Luigi is just like Dr. Mario, but with Luigi and some new weird L mode. Man, with this and NES Remix, I really need to think about getting a Wii U.

  • Conception II for the Vita and 3DS will have a first print run edition with a soundtrack CD and will be in a bigger box.

  • BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma will get a limited edition which includes an artbook, soundtrack CD, Rachel Alucard Nendoroid figure, a special features Blu-ray, and a poster.

Neat Stuff

  • Check out this amazing book clock at Muji Shinbuya in Tokyo. That hours hand is really lazy.


- Shawn - 12/22/13

The Monkey's News Box: 12/8/13

Movies / TV

  • Director Bryan Singer announced the the next X-Men movie, X-Men: Apocalypse. I wonder what Apocalypse story they'll be pulling from. An Age of Apocalypse story would be cool, but could they pull it off successfully in the movie-verse? I guess it depends on what ends up happening in Days of Future Past. I also wonder what Apocalypse will look like; blue, purple, or just really dark colors? The movie is scheduled for 2016.

How many cables and tubes will movie Apocalypse have? This is important.

  • There's going to be a new Terminator TV series that will tie in to the new movie. Let's see how many more timelines the Terminator can be split into.

  • The Amazing Spider-Man 2 got its first trailer this week and... meh. I didn't like the first one, so I don't have much of an interest in this one. Looks like too many villains, even if it is a Sinister Six set-up. So, Oscorp is responsible for all the villains in the Amazing franchise? That would be incredibly lame if they were. What really irks me, though, is that people are saying this looks like a videogame, as if all videogames are bad CGI.


  • Telltale Games announced the totally unexpected episodic Tales from the Borderlands. I wonder how many people are going to buy it expecting a new FPS. Telltale is also doing Game of Thrones. Apparently these episodic games are really taking off.


  • Here's a trailer for Bungie's Destiny. I can definitely see some Halo in it, which isn't surprising. Was that a Scarab? It still looks awesome, though. I'm wonder who will have the toy rights. McFarlane? NECA? Jada? MegaBloks? All of them again?

  • The second and third "mechs" for Titanfall were revealed, the Stryder and the Ogre. The game looks fun as hell.

  • R-Type Dimensions finally hit the PS3... in Japan. This enhanced compilation of R-Type and R-Type II has already been on the Xbox 360 for a long time. Dimensions features the original version of the games along with versions with enhanced graphics and audio. The enhanced ones also have an optional isometric view. Unfortunately, I'm not so sure if this will be in North America.

  • Dead or Alive 5: Ultimate wasn't the "Ultimate" edition because Tecmo keeps releasing more and more outfits. The next up are from Warriors Orochi 3. I mention them only because I enjoy cross-game promotion. Meanwhile, DOA5U Arcade will have a brand new character; the Goth lolita Marie Rose. Surprisingly, her boobs are not super ridiculously huge like all the other girls'.

  • Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes will have an exclusive mission on PS4 and PS3 called the Deja Vu mission. You get to play as Snake in his original polygon form from the first Metal Gear Solid. Will Snake have his original David Hayter voice for that mission? Ground Zeroes will also have a Premium Edition in Japan which includes a novelization of Peace Walker and a Play Arts Kai Snake figure. I'm sure the U.S. will get something, but probably not all that.


  • For those that need new glasses and love Capcom there are the Capcom 30th anniversary Zoff eye glasses. They have glasses for Mega Man, Ghosts 'n Goblins, Resident Evil, and Phoenix Wright. The character designs should be on the outer side of the glasses, though, so everyone can know just how much a of a big nerd you are.

You'll know Mega Man is squeezed on your temples, but other people won't.

  • NECA is going to be making Halo stuff. I guess something like this was bound to happen with McFarlane Toys' Halo figure sputtering out. There will be 1/4 scale figures, mini figures, prop replicas, board games, HerClix, andmotorcycle helmets. McFarlane Toys and Jada Toys both have different types of mini figures already, so I wonder how different NECA's will be.

- Shawn - 12/8/13