Weekly News Roundup: 2/27/2011


Yar is doing some hard revenging against them space bugs.

  • A fan has made a pitch for resurrecting the canceled Mega Man Mania, a collection of the Game Boy Mega Man games. He wants to take it one step further and give it updated graphics and include some new features like the ability to use all boss weapons in any of the games. I think Capcom should start working on this immediately.

  • NEStalgia is an 8-Bit MMORPG that's free to play.

  • Someone was trying to sell a sealed copy of the ultra-rare NES game Stadium Events for $500,000. That's way too much and the user mixed his capital letters in with small letters for some weird reason. I certainly wouldn't buy anything with mixed up letters.

  • The PSP is now $129.99. About time.


  • G.I. Joe 2 will be directed by Jon M. Chu and some of the cast may be recast. unfortunately Channing Tatum is not likely to be one of the recast.

- Shawn - 2/27/11

Weekly News Roundup: 2/20/2011

Cave Event

Akai Katana Shin is going from 4x3 to 16x9 so even more of the screen can be filled with near-unavoidable bullet hell goodness.

  • Akai Katana is unsurprisingly heading to the Xbox 360 renamed Akai Katana Shin. Along with the 4x3 arcade version, it will have redone HD graphics, 16x9 output, and an extra stage with a new character. As per usual Cave releases, there will be regular and limited editions, with the first print run of both having a code for new voices. Here, have a load of screenshots.

  • Cave is making a game that isn't a bullet hell shooter. This platforming action game called Nin Nin Jump is about ninja character Nin Ja trying to save Princess Sakura from the evil Nakamura. The visuals are done like a shadow play and even has a silhouetted audience that reacts to what you do on screen. Nin Nin Jump will be out this year on Xbox Live Arcade. Check out the screenshots.

  • Cave also has some kind of adventure game coming out called Instant Brain. You can see a video of it alongside videos of Akai Katana Shin and Nin Nin Jump here.

Non-Cave Games

  • Noob Saibot has some cool shadow moves and an incredibly silly winning pose in his Mortal Kombat character trailer.

  • All-girl fighting game Arcana Heart 3 is coming to North America on PSN, even though we never got Arcana Heart 2.

  • Sega has a bunch of Genesis games heading to PSN for $4.99 each (or free with PlayStation Plus), but why not just buy the Ultimate Genesis Collection disc to get 40+games for less money?

Movies / TV

  • Detroit is actually getting a Robocop statue. Donations for the statue reach over $50,000 with $25,000 coming from Pete Hottelet, owner of the real OCP (Omni Consumer Products).

  • We knew Michael Jai White would be returning as Jax, but now Jeri Ryan will be back as Sonya Blade in the Mortal Kombat shorts with Darren Shahlavi as Kano.

  • There's going to be an X-Men anime by Madhouse. so far it looks great, but that could change given what happened to Iron Man.

  • It's the next trailer for Thor.

  • Although known more for writing, Shane Black will be directing Iron Man 3.

- Shawn - 2/20/11

Weekly News Roundup: 2/13/2011

Figures / Toys

That's right boys and girls, an upcoming Power Rangers figures line will have a Rita Repulsa chase figure packed on-per-case with a show-accurate breast plate to poke your eyes out with.

  • Toy Fair 2011 is currently going strong. There are tons of freshly revealed and upcoming figures for G.I. Joe, Transformers, Halo, ThunderCats, Walking Dead, Star Wars, Masters of the Universe, Aliens, Predators, Duke Nukem, Marvel Universe, DC Universe, Ghostbusters, Power Rangers, and lots more. I wish I could be there, but since I can't there's ToyNewsi, Poe Ghostal, Action Figure Insider, and Tomopop to bring us photos of everything.


  • The Transformers: Dark of the Moon game might actually be good because High Moon Studios, responsible for the awesome War for Cybertron, is developing it. There will be a new stealth force mode, which seems like the toys of the same name, giving the Transformers get tons of ridiculous weapons in their vehicle modes.

  • Get ready for the Duke Nukem Forever Balls of Steel Edition. It's got a Duke Nukem bust, 100-page hardcover book, comic book, dice, papercraft, poker chips, mini deck of card, postcards, logo sticker, and certificate of authenticity. No steel balls, however. Here are some new screenshots to keep your balls happy.

  • The Darkness II has been announced with one screenshot and the promise of quad-wielding.

  • The Xbox version of Super Meat Boy will get some incredibly difficult remixed levels and user created levels soon.

  • Mortal Kombat's next character trailer is Liu Kang. Unfortunately it mentions Bo Rai Cho.

  • Infamous 2 will have a collector's edition called the Hero Edition. It will include a Cole McGrath statue, sling pack, soundtrack, mini comic book, and a super voucher for tons of DLC.

  • Hudson Entertainment has been closed down in the US after the parent company was bought by Konami. Boo, business.

  • The limited edition of Japanese Xbox 360 game Cross Channel: In Memory of All People comes with a "personal massager."

  • Nintendo is sending out replacement Kirby patches to make up for the Kirby patches with upside down eyes, including a new patch that can't be ordered form Club Nintendo.

  • A Halo 5 logo appeared in some voice and motion controlled demo thing.

  • Retro Game Challenge didn't sell that well in the US, even though it was a fantastic game. Because of that, Retro Game Challenge 2 won't get released in the US, although it may get a fan translation.


  • Noam Murro, the guy who directed the live-action Halo: Reach commercials, will be directing Die Hard 5. Yep. Die. Hard. 5.

  • Cobie Smulders will probably be playing S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Maria Hill in The Avengers movie.

- Shawn - 2/13/11

Weekly News Roundup: 2/6/2011


The Pink Knight likes lollipops, love, rainbows, and promotes boobs.

  • The Behemoth will be releasing the new Pink Knight for the PS3 version of Castle Crashers on February 8th. The knight includes five new weapons, including a lollipop, and have a love and rainbows magic attack. The Pink Knight will be $1.99 and all the revenue goes to breast cancer research. The Xbox version will get the Pink Knight at a later date. I'm just wondering if the Pink Knight is a dude or a chick. Either way it promotes breasts and he/she will have to make out with the Princesses in the game. This could get hot.

  • Cloud-based saving will be coming to PS3. This is a great idea if you back-up copy-protected saves without any hassles. However, this will be available to PlayStation Plus subscribers, so it might be time to sign-up.

  • The latest Castlevania: Harmony of Despair DLC is a retro 8-Bit stage based on the game Getsu Fuma Den from the Famicom. I may have to buy this game now.

  • Halo probably might be getting an HD remake for release this Fall, even though Microsoft previously said they were not interested in HD remakes.

  • Stan Fox 64 aims for the open spot in this hilarious Star Fox 64 parody.

  • This Dead Space 2 Q&A video has a look at the Severed add-on. I haven't watched it yet just in case there might be spoilers for the rest of the game. Also, some girl's dog knocked over her Xbox 360 while she was playing Dead Space 2. The game was destroyed, but she was sent her a new copy autographed by the dev team.

  • Catherine's Rapunzel mini-game is just like the regular game, but with a retro look and sound. Meanwhile, the jukebox lets you play songs from Persona, Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne, and Digital Devil Saga.

  • This new Yar's Revenge video talks about the art of the game and has a few seconds of gameplay. Exciting.

  • Bionic Commando Rearmed 2 on PSN has the ridiculous DRM that requires you to be signed-in to PSN to play and restricts sharing. I guess I won't be buying the PSN version then.

Movies / TV

  • The Mortal Kombat Rebirth video getting out in the public was an accident, but it worked out in director Kevin Tancharoen's favor. There will be nine episodes, each 7-10 minutes each.

  • John Woo's The Killer will be getting a remake, but it might be okay since Woo is producing. But, it'll also be in 3D.

  • Zombies Ate My Neighbors, you know, that game that came out on the SNES and Genesis in 1993, is getting a movie. Kind of late, but just in time to hop on the zombie bandwagon.

  • Stephen King's The Stand will be made into a movie now.


  • SOTA has two new Ryu statues, one regular, one evil. both are based on his Super Street Fighter IV look, which really isn't much different than his previous look. Both statues have LED to illuminate his powering up pose.

- Shawn - 2/6/11