The Monkey's News Box: 2/26/12


Claptrap is down with 96.5% more wub wub.

  • The new Doomsday trailer for Borderlands 2 is here and shows off all four characters in awesomely epic wub wub action. The game looks amazing, boasts 870 gajillion more guns, and will be out Sept. 18th, which is very close to my birthday. Wub wub.

  • Sine Mora, the shooter that wants to try to revitalize shooters, will be out on XBLA on March 21st.

  • Konami will be opening a new studio in California for the next Metal Gear Solid. You could work for Kojima!

  • Mass Effect 3 From Ashes DLC  was accidentally leaked to Xbox Live. From Ashes comes with the Collector's Edition, but those buying the regular edition will have to pony up for it. There's also an extended version of the Take Back Earth trailer.

  • Killzone 3's multiplayer component will be released as a free download on PSN. Players will be able to level up to a certain level, after that they can buy the full multiplayer for $14.99.

  • It's gong to be a good year for RPGs on the Wii, as The Last Story is coming to the Wii in North America.

  • Namco Bandai is bringing back Sky Kid, but as an Udon comic written by Jim Zub and art by Chamba. Sky Kid will be a free comic on ShiftyLook. Maybe if the comic is well received there might be a new Sky Kid game. This might also happen with other old Namco properties.

  • Game of Thrones will get a pre-order bonus hardcover art book. It looks like a real art book, not one of those small game-sized ones.


  • Set photos of Star Trek 2, the first of Benedict Cumberbatch as the villain, have surfaced online and may or may not contain mild spoilers.


  • Bandai is making a Pac-Man shaped Plug & Play game that has the Pac-Man kill screen. You can start at level 255 to see what takes a Pac-Man master years to achieve.

- Shawn - 2/26/12

The Monkey's News Box: 2/19/12


FemShep know a thing or two about big-ass guns.

  • It's the Mass Effect 3 FemShep trailer with the fan-chosen yet official default red haired female Shepard. It's not my FemShep, but she's more interesting than default male Shepard. There's also the Take Back Earth trailer with lots of action. In other bizarre ME news, EA is sending copies of Mass Effect 3 into space. The games will be attached to weather balloons and have a GPS tracking device on them, so a few gamers can grab them once they land. Unless they land in the ocean or in heavy traffic and are run over by a truck.

  • Ryu will be in Asura's Wrath in some crazy crossover DLC for the game. The lone screenshot shows a side view that makes it look like Asura is in Street Fighter IV. Is Asura going to turn up in other Capcom games now?

  • Hideo Kojima shared a new sketch of Jehuty from Zone of the Enders by Yoji Shinkawa. Does this have anything to do with any new ZOE?

  • Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2 will have a purple Sonic. Purple!

  • The next story-based piece of DLC for Final Fantasy XIII-2 is Sazh: Head or Tails. The Sazh story runs parallel during XIII-2's, looks to have gambling, and could have a tiny Chocobo in it.

  • Journey is arriving on PSN on March 13th.

  • This new trailer for Mortal Kombat on the Vita shows off the augmented reality features of the characters fighting in whatever location you're at. I wonder if it actually looks as good as the video, though.

  • Prototype 2 is getting a collector's edition with an art book, digital comic, DLC voucher, soundtrack CD, a voucher for merchandise from the Prototype 2 (weird), and the Radnet edition of the game with all the goodies that includes.



  • There's going to be a Twisted Metal movie. I have no idea how this is going to turn out, but there better be some amazing car battle scenes.

  • Rambo 5 is on hold because apparently Stallone can't decide if it should be "an Unforgiven or a passing the torch." If there's a choice, I'll go with Unforgiven.

- Shawn - 2/19/12

The Monkey's News Box: 2/5/12


This would be funnier/more tragic if Resident Evil was spelled wrong.

  • Typos can happen to anyone, it's true, but they should never make it on final retail packaging of a high profile game. That being said, Resident Evil: Revelations has a big-ass typo on the spine that reads Resident Evil: Revelaitons. Who at Capcom missed this? It's black text on a white background and couldn't be more obvious. Capcom is making replacement inserts, but still... what huge screw-up. I know I have typos sometimes, but I'm just a site in the corner of the internet, not an important game that I want millions of people to play. At least I don't have to buy the game with that spoiler-ific trailer released a few weeks back.

  • Meanwhile, in stark contrast to the above, the Capcom store has the best pre-order bonus for Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City: a metal "Welcome to Raccoon City" sign. This is seriously one of the coolest pre-order bonuses ever.

  • One of the pre-order bonuses for the Suda-51 and James Gunn masterpiece of insanity Lollipop Chainsaw is an Ash from Evil Dead costume. which is just blatantly awesome. They would be fools not to make this regular DLC for everyone later.

  • If you don't know who the voice cast is for Mass Effect 3, here's a video introducing them. Or re-introducing them since you've played the other two games.

  • DarkSiders will get a prequel novel called DarkSiders: The Abomination Vault along with an "IP bible." Neat.

  • First print copies of Dragon's Dogma will have a short story prequel written by Ryo Mizuno of Record of Lodoss War fame. I hear Dragon's Dogma is kind of crappy, but at least the tie-in story should be good.

  • THQ lost millions of dollars on the uDraw tablet and still has 1.4 million of them in a warehouse. Let's hope this doesn't hurt some of their other awesome properties.

  • Apparently anime artist Mahiro Maeda contributed boss designs for Sine Mora. He worked on Evangelion, Animatrix, and Blue Submarine No. 6.


- Shawn - 2/5/12