The Monkey's News Box: 1/22/12


"It's Raccoon City all over again," means real zombies are back, and that sounds great.

  • Resident Evil 6 was announced this week and it's bringing zombies back to the series, maybe also survival horror. Remember when the series' threats were zombies and tyrants, not crazy villagers and matrixy Wesker? Well, Leon and Chris are finally in a RE game together, but who knows if they'll actually meet. Leon is in the city named Tall Oaks and apparently has to kill the zombie president, while Chris is in China. There's also a third main character. Is it Hunk, unmasked? RE6 will be out 11/20/12.

  • The insanely great idea of Nobunaga's Ambition + Pokemon was originally pitched as Pokemon Musou. A Dynasty Warriors Pokemon game would actually be really awesome.

  • BioShock Infinite will have a hardcore 1999 mode that require better resource planning and combat specializations than what you might do in the normal game.

  • The first trailer for the Gundam: Unicorn game is pretty underwhelming. It doesn't look that great, but maybe it's just a poorly recorded video. The combat looks good, at least.

  • Warriors Orochi 3 will see a North American release. What's good about this Warriors title is that it has characters from Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive, along with three other Tecmo/Koei games that are relatively crappy.


  • Original Gundam designer Kunio Okawara made his own version of Syd Mead's Turn A Gundam. This makes me wish Bandai Entertainment didn't shut down so we could still get Turn A Gundam on DVD.

  • The trailer for Resident Evil: Retribution starts as a Sony ad, then turns into something vaguely Resident Evil, but the segue makes absolutely no sense. The Resident Evil: Apocalypse Umbrella commercial/trailer did it so much better.

  • Marcus Nispel, a guy who directed some crappy reboot movies, will direct the Hack/Slash movie.

- Shawn - 1/22/12

The Monkey's News Box: 1/15/12


After saving the galaxy Commander Shepard will be saving the Kingdom of Amalur.

  • Mortal Kombat will have a Komplete Edition that contains all the DLC, the Mortal Kombat: Songs Inspired by the Warriors album (aside from a few tracks, it's not that good), and a downloadable version of the Mortal Kombat movie. The Komplete Edition will be out on February 28th.

  • There's a Mega Man 25th Anniversary logo. Capcom supposedly has something planned, but they'll probably cancel whatever it is because Capcom hates Mega Man.

  • March must be Silent Hill month because three Silent Hill games are coming out that month. The HD Collection is out March 6th, Downpour on the 13th, and Book of Memories is on the 27th.

  • Sega's stance on SOPA? Caused by bad installs or junk data. Hilarious, Sega. Then they further joke about it and made a video about performing a hard reset. Awesome, Sega.

  • Choplifter HD will get free DLC of extra helicopters.


  • One of BotCon's exclusives, Shattered Glass Soundwave, is the next in Transformers/G.I. Joe crossover toys. It has a Zartan decal on it because apparently Zartan likes to drive a white SUV. It'll probably be way to expensive for anyone not attending BotCon.

  • Sideshow Collectibles has a sweet polystone statue of Kimberly from Space Ace. Just looking at this reminds how infuriating the game can be.


  • Battle Royal is coming to Blu-ray on March 20th in two version. The four-disc Battle Royal Collection will have both the first and second films and lots of extras, while the single-disc version will just be the first movie.

  • MGM will be releasing the Bond 50 Blu-ray box set. This set celebrating five decades of Bond contains all 22 official Bond movies and exclusive extras.

  • For some reason there's going to be a Green Arrow series on the CW. That means it'll be crappy.

- Shawn - 1/15/12

The Monkey's News Box: 1/8/12


You may need to force these down. See what I did there?

  • These Star Wars Episode 1 burgers from French restaurant Quick are the latest in bizarre Star Wars tie-ins and could leave a bad taste in your mouth... just like Episode 1! That black bun is disturbing and I don't trust any weird sauce or whatever those marshmallow-looking things are. Who knows, maybe these burgers actually good as I'm not hip on the French fast food burgers, but these still just look kind of gross. Are we going to see our own weird tie-ins in the 'states? Definitely, and if this is the way Star Wars food tie-ins are going we may get something incredibly horrible.

  • Here's a packaged image of NECA's Deadite Ash. It's groovy, but would have been even better with some more articulation.

  • Hot Toys is making a line of awesome Robocop figures, including a 1/6 scale Kain from Robocop 2.


  • Sega isn't doing anything with Shenmue, but creator Yu Suzuki said he could get the license back from Sega. He has Shenmue III all planned out, so maybe it's a thing that will happen.

  • Gran Turismo 5: XL Edition will be out in Northa America on January 17th for $39.99. It includes all the updates so far and a voucher for $20 of DLC. Sounds like a deal, plus you don;t have to sit thgouh a bazillion updates.

  • Choplifter HD will be out on January 10th and 11th on PSN and XBLA respectivly for $15. I loved the original, so hopefully this one is just as great.

  • The Mortal Kombat flash dancers are back for round 2, this time with special effects, more dance moves, more stunts, and a really crappy Goro.

  • Katawa Shoujo is a real game about dating disabled girls. One of them doesn't have any arms. It's a free download is you want to see the insanity yourself.


  • The live-action Akira is thankfully probably going to be shut down again. Warner Bros. wants to reduce the budget even further to 60 to 70 million. This movie could never be good, so they'd be be smart to just end it now.

- Shawn - 1/8/12

The Monkey's News Box: 1/1/12

Happy new year and stuff! Since I don't get around to making a news roundup every week, we'll try something new. The Weekly News Roundup is now the Monkey's News Box. Same News, more... monkey? And more box? People like more box, right?


"♪ Snake Eeaaaateeeeeer! ♫"

  • Konami is bringing out a special Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3DS with an awesome snakeskin design on the system. This might be sold only on the Konami store in Japan, but will hopefully come stateside. The gunmetal MGS4 PS3 and Zelda 3DS made it here, so there's a chance.

  • You may think Capcom hates Mega Man with them canceling his games over the past year. Since you like Mega Man, you should go play the incredible fan-made Rokko Chan. It's heavily, heavily, influenced by Mega Man, but stars a little robot girl. Rokko takes on the evil Robot Masters of Hockey Man, Volcano Man, Jet Man, Rolling Man, Forest Man, and Lightning Man. I'm kind of surprised Volcano, Jet, and Lightning Man were never actual Mega Man villains.

  • Wipeout 2048 was going to have a zombie mode before it got scrapped. The zombies would be zombified ships that would try to destroy you while you try to shoot or avoid them. It sounds like it would be a cool additional mode, but it could possibly still come out as DLC. Zombie crap has been over done, but zombie racing ships would certainly be a cool variation.

  • Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2 has finally been announced via brand manager Ken Balough's ridiculous beard of Tail's tails. The actual teaser for Episode 2 basically just announces that Tails and Metal Sonic will be in the game.

  • Someone has translated the impossibly difficult Famicom game Takeshi's Challenge from 1986. If you hate yourself, or love the old Takeshi's Challenge show you should give it a play.

  • An insane Chinese man bought a virtual sword for the yet unreleased MMORPG Age of Wulin... for $16,000. He had better absolutely love the game once he plays it.


  • Square Enix has an incredibly awesome Dragon Quest map diorama coming out. It's made out of eleven map pieces and nine monsters that can populate the diorama. Unfortunately, it's all in blind-boxes, so you might not get a complete set of everything if you order a whole case.

- Shawn - 1/1/12