Weekly News Roundup: 6/26/2011


Disembodied girlfriend heads staring back is a prime cause of heavy drinking.

  • Transformers: War for Cybertron will have a x5 multiplayer bonus starting Monday 6/27 and lasting forever. Hmm, maybe I'll get to leveling the rest of my characters.

  • Tim Drake as Robin will be a pre-order bonus at Best Buy for Batman: Arkham City. You'll be able to use him only in the challenge maps, but some people are hoping he'll be playable somewhere in the campaign. Some people are also outraged by his buzz cut. It's Robin so I don't really care.

  • Onechanbara 2 is listed on some random retailer site, but the game hasn't been announced yet. We can always use more bikini samurai skanks.

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time Re-Shelled will no longer be available on the US PSN or Xbox Live after June 30th. Well, good. That remake was terrible.


  • Lego will soon have a massive Super Star Destroyer Executor set that has 3,152 pieces, is 50-inches long, and weighs over 8 pounds. For something that huge you'd think there would be a lot of mini-figures included, but there are only five; Vader, Bossk, IG-88, Dengar, and an Imperial Officer. There is also a very small regular Star Destroyer to show you how big this thing really is. This super huge set will cost $400 and be available at Lego's online shop and in Lego stores September 1st.

  • Hot Toys are making figures of Saeko Nogami and Ryo Saeba from the classic 80s anime City Hunter.  As per usual Hot Toys regulations, the 1/6 scale figures will have a ton of accessories, are amazingly detailed, and be super expensive.

  • Mattel will have an SDCC pre-sale on 7/11. Those lucky enough to get an order in won't have to stand in the ridiculously long line at SDCC or get trampled when attempting to get a line ticket. The post-SDCC sale will be on 8/1.

  • Mystique is next up in Kotobukiya's Bishoujo line.

  • I forgot that the Pursuit of Cobra chase Cobra Commander was supposed to be a mail-away and include a mini HISS tank drone. Hasbro scrapped the idea, but has made a limited number for the G.I. Joe Collector's Club. It's just the shiny version of crappy movie Cobra Commander with a mini HISS tank, though, which is so not worth the $60 non-member price or even the $18 member price.

Movies / TV

  • Everyone is getting in a tizzy over the first three official Hobbit photos.

  • Paramount is making lots of 3D demands to theaters that want to show Transformers: Dark of the Moon. These demands basically don't let other 3D movies get shown in 3D. Maybe this every movie for itself attitude is will kill off 3D. The 3D version will be brighter, though, so people won't complain about the dimness of 3D.

- Shawn - 6/26/11

Weekly News Roundup: 6/19/2011


The Sky-Hook could be a valuable tool in any apocalyptic situation.

  • NECA made a BioShock Infinite Sky-Hook prototype that somebody won in a contest. How did I miss this? Man, I hope NECA mass produces these things; they could be valuable during a zombie breakout or some other apocalyptic situation.

  • Sega is making some cool Sonic the Hedgehog 20th anniversary figurines. It has a figurine of modern Sonic standing next to a monitor with classic Sonic on the screen. There are only 1,000 being made with two different version: one from the U.S. box art and the other from the box art the rest of the world got. You won't be able to buy them, though, and Sega is keeping silent on just how to get one for now.

  • MattyCollector has announced a new Voltron club called Club Lion Force. It will work the same way as their club Eternia and Club Ecto-1 subscription services where you pay for a year's worth of figures. Club Lion Force will focus on figures from the 80's Voltron, which is good, because the new Voltron cartoon looks absolutely terrible. Details of the club will be announced at SDCC 2011.


  • Female Shepard will be on the back of the Steelbook case of the Mass Effect 3 Collector's Edition and will even get her own trailer. I'm curious to see what BioWare's official FemShep is going to look like. Speaking of ME3, the game might feature a horde style co-op mode. That'd be cool.

  • Why isn't Metal Gear Solid on the upcoming HD collection? It's considered very dated and has a low polygon count. So what? It's still Metal Gear and people will still love it. If they would re-do the game, they would want to make it brand new and tweak the gameplay and story.

  • There will be a Mortal Kombat season pass for the Xbox 360 that will automatically download all four planned DLC characters when they become available. Basically you pay $15 for $20 of characters. For some reason this isn't currently planned for the PS3 version.

  • Gears of War 3 apparently has 90 minutes of cut-scenes. Good for them. I thoroughly enjoy the single-player campaign of Gears, so the more the better.

  • Lance Henriksen will be voicing Rook, a synthetic, in Aliens: Colonial Marines.

  • Some crazy rumor says that TimeSplitters 4 is in development for the next Xbox and PlayStation. So TimeSplitters is just going to skip this generation completely? That sucks.


  • The Gears of War movie is lingering in "development hell" at the moment. who knows when or if it'll get made.

  • Russell Crowe will be Superman's father Jor-El in The Man of Steel.

  • The Wolverine has a director again. James Mangold will direct what Darren Aronofsky dropped out of.

  • Simon West will be directing The Expendables 2. I'm sure Stallone will be supervising everything, though.

- Shawn - 6/19/11

Weekly News Roundup: 6/12/2011


Dragon's Crown is a 2D hack 'n slash with some gorgeous visuals and giant saber tooth riding.

  • Half of Soul Calibur V's fighters will be new. Well, that's good and it makes sense given the 17-year time span.

  • Even though it came out in North America and Europe, Motorstorm: Apocalypse has been completely totally cancelled in Japan.


  • Diamond Previews have revealed more SDCC 2011 exclusives. First up is the Green Lantern Be@rbrick. The bear looks like the lantern and it lights up. It even has retro DC packaging. Next there is an Emma Frost Bishoujo statue of her in her diamond form. I have already mentioned the Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 Minimates set. Also available are four comics with exclusive SDCC covers: Godzilla: Gangsters & Goliaths #1, The Walking Dead #87, Ultimate Comics Fallout #1, and Dollhouse: Epitaphs #1.

  • Photos for the SDCC 2011 exclsuive Indiana Jones figures have whipped their way online. the set includes Indy with a new head, Marion, Satipo, Toht, German mechanic, and German Indy. The figures look great, but that melted head Toht makes this set even better.


  • The Alamo theater in Texas kicked out a girl for texting during the movie. She left them a nasty voicemail. Now the Alamo is using her voicemail as an ad. Awesome.

  • There's going to be an animated King Kong feature told from the perspective of King Kong. I hope Kong doesn't talk.

  • Roland Emmerich could direct the Asteroids movie. This movie is already doomed.

- Shawn - 6/12/11

Weekly News Roundup: 6/5/2011


Catwoman is playable in Batman: Arkham City and I'm that much more excited to play it.

  • Former glitch character Skarlet will be joining Mortal Kombat as DLC. She's very bloody.

  • Hideo Kojima has revealed the new Fox Engine that will power some unknown game.

  • The Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Resurrection DLC will be out on June 7th for Xbox 360 and June 14th for PS3.

  • The Uncharted 3 Collector's Edition will have a big fancy box, Steelbook case, Nathan Drake statue, necklace, but most importantly, Nathan's belt buckle so you can do his patented half-tuck.

  • Top Cow's comic Hunter Killer is getting a game on PSN and XBLA. Huh.

  • Super Stardust HD is getting a sequel on the NGP or Vita or whatever it'll be called with Super Stardust Delta.

  • Beyond Good & Evil HD will be on PSN June 8th.

  • The NGP's Wipeout 2048 features cross-play with the PS3's Wipeout HD. That's pretty cool.



  • You love cosplay, right? Of course you do! You should order the Cosplay for a Cause 2012 Calendar featuring some famous cosplayers. 100% of the proceeds go to the Japanese Red Cross.

- Shawn - 6/5/11