The Monkey's News Box: 3/31/13


Eye patch, cigar, robotic arm, shrapnel in the face, leather jacket, and a mullet. Snake is on the way to be the most bas-ass of them all.

  • Everyone pretty much already knew, but The Phantom Pain has been revealed as Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. The new, amazing trailer set to "Not Your Kind of People" by Garbage shows footage from both Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain. Ground Zeroes will be a prequel game that takes place nine years before Phantom Pain. Watch this Hideo Kojima interview for some insight into the games. What is disheartening, is that David Hayter has not been asked back to voice Snake again, even though the same Japanese actor who has voiced Snake in every game is returning. As awesome as the game will probably be, it still needs Hayter as Snake, plain and simple.

  • The upcoming RetroN 5 console will play NES, Famicom, SNES, Super Famicom, Genesis, Mega Drive, Game Boy Advance, Color, and original Game Boy games. The console should be out in July for under $100. RetroN 5 features HDMI output up to 720p, controller inputs for all the supported systems, and possible feature likes save states, screenshots, and "improving" the sound. This sounds like a fantastic thing to get if you want to play all the great old-school systems, but don't want to take them all out of your closet.

  • Do you play as a ghost child in Rain? This game is already creeping me out. And there's ghost monsters! Gaahh!

  • PixelJunk 1-6 is now PixelJunk Inc., a "story of corporate corruption and conspiracy interstellar." Neat.

TV / Movies

  • The games that turn the game industry into cute girls is getting an anime. Hyperdimension Neptunia should be airing this Summer.

  • There's going to be a KISS x Hello Kitty animated series. Yep. the show will be about "four Kiss x Hello Kitty characters living their rock 'n' roll dreams and bringing pink anarchy to every situation they are in." I'm sold.

- Shawn - 3/31/13

The Monkey's News Box: 3/24/13


Scrooge McDuck is back to snag more cash and diamonds to swim in.

  • Capcom and WayForward are bringing back one of the greatest platformers ever with DuckTales Remastered. All the levels are based off the NES original's, along with a brand new Scrooge's Money Bin level that lets you swim in money. Awesome. The other supporting characters will have larger appearances than the static cameos from the original. What's really impressive, is that DuckTales Remastered will have the original cartoon voice cast returning to reprise their roles. This is the most amazing news of the year this far. DuckTales Remastered should be out this Summer on PSN, XBLA, and Wii-U e-Shop.

  • Speaking of Capcom bringing back awesome things, the two classic Dungeons & Dragons beat-em-ups, Tower of Doom and Shadow Over Mystara, are returning, remastered as Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara. The games feature the original multiple endings and branching paths with the addition of 4-player drop-in online gameplay, "house rules" customization, challenges, and unlockables.

  • The new playable Borderlands 2 character is Krieg the Psycho. We'll be able to play as one of the enemies we kill over and over again.

  • You can vote for what's in the Saints Row IV Collector's Edition. Some of the crazier choices include a presidential briefcase with kinky handcuffs, RC helicopter, light-up glass display case, cigar box, and an auto-tune device. There are nineteen items in all to rate. I mainly just want a Steelbook case.

  • For some reason, Harley Quinn is a hero in Injustice: Gods Among Us. heck out her trailer where she says it's over between her and the Joker. Yeah, we've heard that many times before.


  • NECA will have an exclusive Predator figure at SDCC 2013, but this one will not be a simple repaint; it'll be a brand new character that hasn't been made yet. Signs point to another Predator from Batman: Dead End, but we'll see.

  • Super7 will be handing out a catalog with an Alien cover at WonderCon Anaheim. The cover is an homage to the Kenner board game. Ugh, why am I not going to this? Can someone please pick me up a catalog?

TV / Movies

  • Section 23 is bringing the Patlabor: The Mobile Police TV series to Blu-ray. Separated into four volumes, these will be released in July, September, November, and January. With Section 23 also releasing the Original OVA series on April 30th, it's probably only a matter of time before they announce the movies for Blu-ray, too.

  • Robot Chicken's DC Comics Special will be on Blu-ray on July 9th. There will be thirteen deleted sketches, but whether these are fully stop-motioned shorts or just storyboards of what they would be isn't clear.

  • Riddick looks a lot like Pitch Black. Why is this happening to Riddick again?

- Shawn - 3/24/13

The Monkey's News Box: 3/17/13

TV / Movies


  • Hmm. Hmm hmm. Regular Show: The Complete First & Second Seasons is hitting up Blu-ray on August 16th. Finally this awesome show will be available in full season format. They should try to release this on VHS, since it takes place in the 80s and features lots of 80s technology. The Best VHS in the World comes to mind. Also, it worked for that V/H/S movie.

  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars is ending. With the new movies coming out, the Clone Wars will be ended to make way for a new animated series based in a time period untouched in Star Wars films or television. No new episodes of The Clone Wars will be shown on Cartoon Network, but there will be new episodes. There has been no announcement of where the new episodes of The Clone Wars will be shown or when, or if it'll even be a full sixth season, but they are being made and will be out. At some point. Somewhere. After the ending to Season five, I can see the series being wrapped up, but it was so good that it's hard to see it go.

  • The BioShock movie was killed by Ken Levine himself. Director Gore Verbinski was once attached to the movie, but due to the failure of Watchmen, Universal didn't want to put $200 million into an R-rated movie. Verbinski didn't want to make an $80 million movie, so he left, and Levine wasn't impressed with the new director.

  • Dave Bautista will be Drax in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie. I guess as long as he can act mean and looks decent painted green, this might work.

  • Not that it really matters, but Paul W.S. Anderson will direct the sixth Resident Evil movie. This series just gets worse and worse with each sequel, so it doesn't really matter who directs it. Those last two, Afterlife and Retribution, were incredibly painful to watch.

  • Apparently the Evil Dead remake sequel is already in early development. I'm hearing good things about the Evil Dead remake, so if it is successful then it'll be interesting to see where the remake films go compared to the original films. Oh, and there could be a possible fourth movie in the original series, but that kind of talk has been going on for years, so don't hold your breath for it.


  • Gentle Giant's next jumbo vintage Star Wars figure is IG-88. Looks cool, but that price always stops me.


  • Speaking of things that might have something to do with Hideo Kojima, the Metal Gear master thinks there should be pilot episodes for next-gen games. That way if it fails, then the developer won't have to spend a ton of money on a full game. This could be a good way to test new IPs.

  • Another new playable character is coming to Borderlands 2. The first look at this escaped experiment will be at PAX East.

  • The new False Shepard trailer for BioShock Infinite gives a little more on the story. I wonder what the big twist at the end will be.

  • Previously available in Japan, Kat from Gravity Rush is finally making it to Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational for the Vita in North America. Kat will be $.99 and will be out on 3/19, along with a bunch of other Hot Shots DLC.

  • The Pikachu 3DS XL will be available in North America on March 24th, so... Pokemon.

  • The former VP of GameStop has been sentenced to prison for stealing $1.7 million from the company. No wonder their trade-in values are so shitty.

- Shawn - 3/17/13

The Monkey's News Box: 3/3/13


The original Godzilla stomps into the super articulated S.H. MonsterArts line.

  • First shown off at Japan's Wonder Festival, Bluefin Tamashii Nations have released official photos of Godzilla 1964, the next awesome S.H. MonsterArts figure. Godzilla 1964 will be a Bluefin USA and Tamashii web exclusive. No price has been announced yet, but the figure should be out in July this year. I wonder if this will start a trickle or a flood of Showa-era Godzilla monsters for MonsterArts.

  • The Capcom store will soon be selling a Mega Man Mega Buster USB drive. This 8 GB drive is packed with content. It has the Street Fighter X Mega Man soundtrack, wallpapers, Udon's Mega Man Tribute and Mega Man X: Official Complete Works art books, and Mega Man #1 - 4 comics. That's a pretty good deal for $20.

  • Here are a couple new photos of Bebop and Rocksteady from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Classics line. These figure look fantastic.

  • Mass Effect: Foundation will be the first on-going comic for the Mass Effect universe. The series will focus on new characters in the franchise with issue #1 out on July 24th.

  • Pop Culture Shock's next Street Fighter statue is a 16.5" tall Akuma Vs. Gouken scene. There will be a regular version and a light-up version. The light-up version is limited to 200, while the non-light-up is limited to 300. This goes up for pre-order on March 11th for $350/$330.


  • The Friend Network app, featuring Sony cat Toro and his crew, will be coming to North America Vitas this Spring. In Friend Network you can build your own town by meeting friends and can be connected to Facebook & twitter. Friends can help do tasks to expand your town. The ultimate goal is to reach 100 friends. Honestly, if this thing didn't have Toro and his crew of characters, I wouldn't be interested.

  • Another year, another assassin game. Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag will feature a pirate assassin. This series just keeps getting weirder. The game will be out on current gen consoles on October 29th 2013 and will be coming to next gen consoles. Meanwhile, ACIII will have a Washington Edition in Germany, likely containing all the DLC. Don't be surprised if a North American version comes out as well. I'd be more surprise if it didn't come out over here.

  • Willem Dafoe is in Beyond: Two Souls, which makes me way more interested in this game. There will also be a Special Edition at GameStop with a Steelbook case, soundtrack, behind-the-scenes videos, a dynamic theme and avatars.

  • Metro: Last Light continues production, despite the death of THQ, and will be out on May 14th in North America, May 17th in Europe.

  • Remember when Ken Levine announced a BioShock for the Vita back in at E3 2011? Well, apparently development hasn't even started yet. I wonder if we'll ever see a BioShock on Vita.


  • Optimus Prime says it's time for a new Prime in the Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters trailer. Who will it be though? Smokescreen is with Optimus as he dying (probably), but will Ultra Magnus be the next to lead?

  • Here's an extended version of the Game of Thrones Season 3 trailer. Season 3 starts March 31st.

  • How about that Star Wars: The Clone Wars season 5 finale? (Spoiler Alert!) I wonder where Ahsoka's going to go from here. She was kind of an annoying character at the beginning of the series, but had really grown into a fantastic addition over the course of the show. I have a feeling the next season (or set of seasons) will show us Anakin going down the path of the dark side way better than Revenge of the Sith poorly did.

- Shawn - 3/3/13