The Monkey's News Box: 5/20/12


A couple NECA Claptrap figures would look might fine next to that loot box.

  • The contents of the Borderlands 2 special editions were finally revealed, including the awesome replica loot chest. That loot chest would probably look great with a couple of NECA's Claptrap figures next to it. The Deluxe Vault Hunter's Collector's Edition includes a Marcus bobble head in a vending machine box, art book, stickers, digital comic, and DLC. The Ultimate Loot Chest edition has all of that plus the loot chest, Steelbook case, Creatures of Pandora chart, field notes from Sir Hammerlock, cloth map of Pandora, postcard set, and certificate of authenticity.

  • EX Troopers is a Lost Planet spin-off, but it doesn't really look like it. It's cel-shaded, has speed lines, and looks awesome. Oddly it's for the PS3 and 3DS. That's a weird console combination.

  • New Mass Effect 3 multiplayer DLC is coming with the Rebellion expansion. I'tll include six new classes and new maps.


  • Here's the first looks at Jazwares' 4" Liu Kang and 6" Jax figures. Liu Kang is an unpainted prototype right now, but, honestly, that Jax figure looks terrible.


  • Even though the Tekken movie was straight to Blu-ray/DVD, there will be a prequel called Tekken: Rise of the Tournament. It will be directed by Ong Bak director Prachya Pinkaew.

  • Hampton Fancher will re-unite with Ridley Scott for the Blade Runner sequel. Well, if it's going to happen it better be damn good.

- Shawn - 5/20/12