Weekly News Roundup: 10/30/11


I don't trust that rabbit.

  • There are some new details about Extreme Escape Adventure: Good People Die, the sequel to Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors. The game plays a bit differently this time. Everyone has a bangle that adds or subtracts points when they cooperate with or betray others. Only when the bangle has 9 points can the person escape. There are also some new character details, but they could be spoilers if you haven't played 999 yet. I expect lots of awesome puzzles and craziness from this game.

  • The Diablo III Collector's Edition includes an art book, soundtrack, behind-the scenes Blu-ray, in-game goodies, and most awesomely of all, a 4 GB USB soul stone with Diablo skull base. I hope the console version gets this kind of treatment.


  • The first footage from the Phoenix Wright movie is from some Japanese show. It's looks amazingly un-objectionable.

  • Fox is planning to make back-to-back Independence Day sequels for some reason. That just sounds awful. Will the aliens have something to combat a Mac or will an iPhone save the day this time?


- Shawn - 10/30/11

Weekly News Roundup: 10/23/11


Ezio better be a good fighter because taking on Nightmare head-on is a little different then blending in a crowd for a sneaky kill.

  • There's been a bounty of Souls Calibur V news this week. First up, Ezio from Assassin's Creed will be a guest character in the game. This is way better than Vader and Yoda in IV because Ezio is a perfect fit for Soul Calibur, however there's no sneaking around for a quick kill in a fighting game. As a stark contrast, Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny's Dampierre will be a pre-order bonus character, which actually sucks because Dampierre is by far the worst character in the series. Even if you don't use the code to get Dampierre, you may want still pre-order the fantastic Collector's Edition. It's a cool big book case, with a soundtrack, making-of DVD, art book, a piece of art, a letter on parchment paper, and black knight and paladin DLC. The epic tale of souls and swords will continue on Jan. 31st.

  • Saints Row: The Third has a Whored Mode. It's like Horde Mode, but with whores and is completely ridiculous. There's also a new trailer that parodies a couple high profile first-person shooters.

  • Pinball FX 2's Paranormal table will be free on Oct. 26th - Nov. 2nd. Be sure to download it before it goes to normal price. Zen Studios also announced the X-Men table as part of the Vengeance and Virtue pack for both Marvel Pinball and Pinball FX 2.

  • So, there have been some shenanigans with a lot of the "online pass" codes that unlock the single-player Catwoman content in Batman: Arkham City. Codes either don't work or are not even printed on the DLC paper. Many of the pre-order costume codes don't work either.

  • Gears of War 3's Raam's Shadow DLC will be out on December 13th for... $15? Ouch. The DLC includes a 3-hour campaign set before Gears 1, new multiplayer characters and weapon skins. $15 still seems like a lot, though.

  • Japan's Club Nintendo's platinum bonus for the year is an incredible dot Mario cushion. Now this is something they need to sell by itself.


  • Sony Pictures will be making an Assassin's Creed movie. So will the movie be bundled with Assassin's Creed 6 when it comes out on Blu-ray?

  • Fox is making a Punisher TV series where Frank Castle will be a detective who moonlights as a vigilante. This already sounds terrible.

  • The Underworld trilogy is being re-released in a new Blu-ray set. Everything is the same as the previous releases but now there's an Underworld anime included.

- Shawn - 10/23/11

Weekly News Roundup: 10/16/11


What would make this better are little figures Ryu and Kazuya playing the cabinet.

  • Street Fighter X Tekken's special edition has something new for special editions: a build-it-yourself 5" tall arcade cabinet bank. This is probably in-scale enough for some figures to make a cool diorama, too. I hope it's made of plastic at least, and not cheap cardboard. It also has an Udon prequel comic, and 36 gems + 9 bonus gems if you pre-order. Wait, what the heck are gems? You'll be able to assign gems to your fighter to help out their stats. Sounds like some Pocket Fighter or Power Stone stuff there.

  • Batman: Arkham City's Catwoman content is locked behind an "online pass." Why is it called an online pass if it unlocks single-player content? Also, GameStop will be handing out the "online pass" with used copies of the game, making the pass pretty much pointless. There will also be Nightwing DLC on November 1st for you Nightwing fans.

  • Mass Effect 3 will have multiplayer in the form of 4-player co-op. However, the multiplayer campaign will have separate characters , but will have a direct effect on the single player campaign.

  • Apparently there is "no room" for a Warhammer 40K: Space Marine sequel. That's too bad.

  • Final Fantasy XIV is still being planned for the PS3 between October and December of 2012. Before that, there's going to be a huge update for the PC version that fixes lots of things wrong with the game.

  • Rumors indicate there might be a Jak and Daxter HD Collection for the PS3 in 2012. I'd say it's obvious considering how many HD Collections have been coming out.


  • The first real trailer for The Avengers is out and it's pretty awesome. Except Mark Ruffalo looks terrible as Bruce Banner.

  • Die Hard 5 now has a title: A Good Day to Die Hard. If that's not silly enough, the movie will be released on Valentine's Day, 2013.

- Shawn - 10/16/11

Weekly News Roundup: 10/9/11


Power on!

  • Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future and Skeleton Warriors will finally be on DVD on 12/6. I doubt the Captain Power set will include a Powerjet you can shoot at the screen, but it would be cool. I wonder if the shooting-at-the-screen thing will even work with my old Captain Power jet. There were 22 episodes of Captain Power, but I didn't realize that Skeleton Warriors only had 13 episodes. I guess it felt like a lot more when I was younger.


  • If you've ever wanted to see a bunch of real-life videogame characters hanging out in a bar that isn't a cosplay convention, then watch the PlayStation Michael commercial. It has a ton of game characters in a bar, the real life likenesses are practically spot-on, and the original voice-actors are doing the voices. It doesn't just have Sony characters in it, but also third party, which is really cool because it's not just a Sony commercial, but for gaming in general. Also, Sweet Tooth playing Sackboy in Chess is just awesome.

  • Gears of War 3's first real DLC will be the Horde Command Pack with new maps, characters, weapon skins and fortifications for Horde mode. It will be out November 1st for 800 Locust beans.

  • Resistance 3 and Ico & Shadow of the Colossus Collection have, and now Ratchet & Clank All 4 One is getting awesome reversible cover art. You can also check out the PlayStation Blog to see all the rejected versions of the regular final cover art which are all so much better than the actual final cover art.

  • A special Char Nintendo 3DS will be bundled with SD Gundam Generation G. Too bad I don't want a 3DS.

  • This month is Tomb Raider's 15th Anniversary and with it is a special Anniversary gallery with new art every Monday and Friday.

  • Here's a trailer for a game called Gravity Daze for the Vita that has anime girls, gravity manipulation, and a cat. It'll be called Gravity Rush when it comes over to the U.S.

  • Gran Turismo 5 will get a Spec 2.0 update later this month that will have lots of stuff like new cars, tracks, and tweaks.

  • Warhammer 40k: Space Marine's Exterminatus DLC (with 4-player online co-op) will be available on October 25th.

  • Monster Hunter Frontier, the Japanese Monster Hunter MMO, has Darkstalkers costumes of Morrigan and Demitri. Pretty cool, now how about that new Darkstalkers game?


- Shawn - 10/9/11

Weekly News Roundup: 10/2/11

Back by popular demand is the weekly update. Enjoy it when you can. It may not be all the time, but it'll still be around.


The Snake Vs. Monkey mini-game was kind of like this, but with more flashing red lights.

  • Dead Space 3 could take place on an ice planet, trading black space for blinding white. My eyes are already hurting.

  • Square Enix's Army Corps of Hell removed the "Memory Stick Required" logo from the box, but I think the bigger news is that there's a game called Army Corps of Hell.

  • Square Enix CEO Yoichi Wada said that Final Fantasy IV has greatly damaged the brand. I'd say Final Fantasy XIII helped a bit, too.

  • King of Fighters XIII has been delayed until November 22nd, but that's fine because it's looking better than XII. There's a new trailer, too.

  • Eat at Subway and you can get into the Uncharted 3 multiplayer a month early and win cool prizes.

  • Future is considering ending Nintendo Power, PlayStation: The Official Magazine, and the Official Xbox Magazine. I guess it was bound to happen eventually, but it's still sad.

  • The Skyrim voice cast includes Michael Hogan, Christopher Plummer, Claudia Christian, Max Von Sydow, Joan Allen, Lynda Carter, Vladimir Kulich, and many others. I'm sure Steve Blum is in there somewhere.


  • Kurt Russell is replacing Kevin Costner in Tarantino's Django Unchained, which is awesome news.

  • Lionsgate has acquired the rights for a Dead Island movie, but it's more going to be a movie based off the trailer than the actual game.

  • The Wanted sequel is back on the slate with the original writers returning.

- Shawn - 10/2/11