The Monkey's News Box: 10/28/12


With the popularity of S.H. MonsterArts I have a feeling we'll see Biollante get made. Unless King Ghidorah ($120) and Destoroyah ($160) don't sell.

  • Tamashii Nations revealed an amazing prototype of S.H. MonsterArts Biollante from Godzilla Vs. Biollante. Being in scale with the rest of the figures, it will be the most massive MonsterArts figure yet and could cost $200 - 250 if it is actually released. Here I go, back into my toy closet to sell off more of my old stuff for Godzilla MonsterArts.

  • Hot Toys next Resident Evil figure masterpiece is Ada Wong.


  • Telltale's The Walking Dead is being released in an overpriced Collector's Edition. All it really includes is The Walking Dead Compendium One, but there is also exclusive Charlie Adlard cover art on game and book. You can actually get the game and book cheaper if you buy them separately, so it depends on how bad you want the exclusive covers.

  • Japan is getting a very limited and super boss Charizard 3DS XL. It's so limited that you have to win the chance to buy it.


  • Arnold Schwarzenegger will be Conan again in The Legend of Conan. Conan will be old in the new film to compensate for Arnold's age and will ignore the Jason Momoa Conan. Oddly, the film will also ignore Conan the Destroyer, which I don't feel it really needs to.

  • Michael Fassbender will star in the Assassin's Creed movie. Maybe with Ubisoft in control of the movie it'll have a chance of being good.

  • The Robocop remake is being pushed back to 2014. Maybe they can take that time to make the the suit look cool. The motorcycle looked great, but Robocop himself looked terrible.

- Shawn - 10/28/12

The Monkey's News Box: 10/14/12


Darkstalkers are finally, possibly, probably, returning.

  • Darkstalkers are not dead! At a New York Comic-Con panel, fighting game guru Yoshinoro Ono debuted a teaser with Lord Raptor and Dimitri that ended with the phrase, "Darkstalkers are not dead," to a roaring crowd. I take it a new Darkstalkers is in the works, then? Before we get to that, however, we'll have Darkstalkers Resurrection coming to PSN and XBLA. It's an HD upgrade of Night Warriors: Darkstalkers Revenge and Darkstalkers 3. This will include the usual additions of multiplayer, uploading videos, challenges, unlockables, and more goodies.

  • The ThunderCats reboot was one of the best reboots ever. Unfortunately, Cartoon Network got lazy with it so we'll never know what happened after Mumm-Ra got the upper hand. There will be a ThunderCats game coming for the DS, though. It looks like a simple side-scrolling game and is on a system that is virtually dead, but could be the only other piece of entertainment we ever get from the new ThunderCats.

  • Tomb Raider will have various pre-order bonuses from three specific retailers. Best buy gets a 48-page hardcover graphic novel and an outfit, Amazon gets a 32-page artbook, a Kindle behind the scenes thing, and a different outfit, while GameStop gets some DLC. Sounds like Best Buy or Amazon is the way to go.

  • Marvel Pinball, Zen Pinball 2, and Pinball FX 2 are getting a Marvel Civil War table in the near future.

  • Mass Effect 3's Omega DLC will finally show us what a female Turian looks like. Omega will be out on November 27th for $15 across PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

  • The God of War: Ascension Collector's Edition includes a squatting Kratos statue, Steelbook case, soundtrack, multiplayer double XP bonus, all future DLC, dynamic theme and avatar pics. Ascension will be out March 13th, 2013.

  • A Rockstar Games Collection Vol. 1 has appeared, which includes GTA: Episodes from Liberty City, Red Dead Redemption, L.A. Noire and Midnight Club: Los Angeles Complete Edition. Rockstar has released complete editions of all these games before, but is Midnight Club is the only "Complete Edition" in this collection? It's got GTAIV episodes, but not GTAIV, and Red Dead Redemption and L.A. Noire without all the DLC. If you want the complete games you might be better off getting the complete editions separately. Also, how many discs is this?


  • Bluefin Tamashii nations had the next two S.H. MonsterArts figures on display at NYCC: King Kong and Destoroyah. Awesome. My wallet is weeping.

  • Udon made some announcements at NYCC and will be publishing a Growlanser Art Works art book with stuff form Growlanser 1 - 6. There's also a World of Warcraft Tribute book coming out. It looks like this is the first Udon Tribute book I can skip.

  • Here are lots of details on Mattel's Castle Grayskull that will only be made if there are enough pre-orders. Roughly, it'll be $250, seems like an updated version of the vintage playset, but will have three tiers instead of the two of the vintage.

- Shawn - 10/14/12